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Blackcurrant Menthol Shortfill by Kuku

"yep ribena / medicine taste, works very well with menthol/ice. very enjoyable"

Eathan S. • Verified Buyer Review • May 4th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 4th 2022
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Tropical Ice Shortfill by Kuku

"very smooth, sweet, very nice tropical flavour, very generous on the ice/menthol"

Eathan S. • Verified Buyer Review • May 4th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 4th 2022
Buy Kuku Tropical Ice Shortfill
Blue Fall Shortfill by Kuku

"Amazing really Enjoyed this one! Will be ordering again. perfect sweet blueberry with the right amount of menthol hit.."

Eathan S. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 28th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 28th 2022
Buy Kuku Blue Fall Shortfill
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Kuku Juice E-Liquid With Free One Day Delivery

Founded in 2020, Kuku Juice is a relatively new brand that produces high-quality e-liquids manufactured in the UK.

Kuku Juice has many unique flavours, with IndeJuice being the best place to purchase Kuku Juices products.

They have a variety of flavours that are perfect for those who want something other than traditional tobacco and menthol flavours.

Kuku Juice flavours focus purely on the fruit, coffee and dessert categories.

Their e-liquids have a range of different strengths, which also makes it possible for you to find your preferred nicotine level!

Kuku Juice - Rise To Fame

Kuku Juice became very popular as one of the dominant brands to sell e-liquid on Amazon.

Amazon only allows the sale of e-liquid that contains no nicotine, 0mg.

Based in the UK, Kuku Juice uses high premium liquid manufactured in the united kingdom to enable the best vaping experience for their customers.

The combination of premium liquids with budget prices was the catalyst for success on Amazon.


Buy Kuku Juice On IndeJuice

While Kuku is famous for selling on Amazon, buying Kuku Juice e-liquid on IndeJuice is a far better experience!

On Amazon and Kuku's own website, 50ml and 100ml short fill bottles are sold with nicotine shots and nic salts not included.

On IndeJuice, all shortfill e-liquid come with free nicotine shots if you choose an option above 0mg.

Of course, the bottle contains no nicotine and nic shots have to be adding by using the removal nibs for nic.

On IndeJuice, our whole website is designed specifically for vapers. Aside from the magical browsing experience, Kuku Juice is available with amazing deals and budget prices.

You will find it much easier to find the Kuku Juice of your choice!


Kuku Juice - Cloud, Smoke and Taste

Kuku Juice - Shortfills

Coming in large 100ml short fill bottles, Kuku Juice often uses a blend of exotic fruits to create clean and pure e-liquids.

One of the most purchase flavours on IndeJuice is Berry Burst. They squeeze so many berries into a bottle that we're surprised the bottle doesn't burst!

Offering a clean and pure vape, the juice uses a blend of cranberry, strawberry, raspberry and other darker berries to create an e-liquid with amazing cloud, smoke and taste.

The blend of sweetness and sharpness from the berries makes this one of the best liquids you can buy from this brand on IndeJuice.

Their shortfill e-liquid come in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio to give a good balance of cloud smoke and flavour. Most shortfills are available in both 50ml and 100ml giving you more flexibility on the size of your refill.

If you're looking for other flavours, we recommend checking out their dessert and coffee ejuices.

In general, they choose to actively avoid tobacco flavours and as with all e-liquid, their juices do not contain any tobacco tar.

From their coffee range, Mocha Coffee is very popular with customers. Their masterful blend of a nutty, rich coffee taste with milky chocolate creates a decadent vape perfect in the winter months.

Kuku Juice - Nic Salts

While their shortfill contains no nicotine (0mg), you can purchase nico