Blackcurrant E-Liquids

Blackcurrant e-liquids are a huge flavour category on IndeJuice. If you want your next vape juice delivery to accurately represent the versatility of the fruit itself, then this blackcurrant category is for you. As a raw fruit, blackcurrant offers a sharp, tart flavour but is rarely eaten raw in the UK. More commonly, the blackcurrant fruit is juiced into popular cordials, preserved into jam or cooked with sugar to create acidic, sweet purees for use in cheesecakes and other desserts. This is somewhat similar to tones found in blackberry flavours. When combined with sugar, the blackcurrant flavours becomes much smoother and consistent. Blackcurrant in e-liquids work fabulously with other sweeter tropical fruits such a mango flavours, to create a fresh and energising fruit experience. This is only one example of the 250+ blackcurrant flavour combinations on IndeJuice.

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