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There are so many different beautiful apple flavours available on IndeJuice to choose from. All come with Free UK Delivery and same day dispatch. If you want the sweet taste of a 70 VG shortfill apple flavour e-liquid or a 50 VG Nic salt, IndeJuice has you covered.

Our apple flavoured e-liquid come from your favourite e-liquid brands, each of which has a subtly different flavour. Whether you are looking for a red sweet apple, green apple, we have the perfect flavour for you.

The use of the apple flavour in our e-juice store is no different. Apple is incredibly versatile allowing it to be paired easily with other fruits such as blueberry flavours, dessert or ice flavours. Regardless of what it is paired with, the apple flavour always delivers a refreshing cloud any time of day, month or year.

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