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Browse our list of the largest range of e-liquid in the UK by flavour. Discover thousands of vape flavours including the most popular flavours such as tobacco and mint & menthol liquid flavours that provide incredible flavour experiences. Whatever your preference of e-liquids, we are bound to have your perfect choice from all the different flavours of vape liquid available on our best e liquid flavours list.

Flavour Categories

Indulge Your Senses


Our endless range of baked flavour e-liquids include some of your most favourite treats such as tarts, sponge cakes, pies, puff pastries, crumbles and many more mouthwatering specialities. Our baked e-liquids are ideal for those seeking some of the most intricate flavours with a rich experience or if you are looking for a wholesome twist to the lightest flavours.

Candy & Sweets

Candy and sweet flavoured e-liquids are a perfect choice if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of the most popular candy based flavours include strawberry laces, hard boiled candy, bubblegum, cotton candy and marshmallow to name a few. With the widest range of candy e-liquids in the UK, we are confident that you'll find your sweet tooth craving in no time.


With our diverse and wide range of cereal flavour e-liquids, we welcome you to indulge in creamy flavours including many that replicate the taste of a fresh milky bowl of cereal. Also available in the cereal flavour range are granola based e-liquids that have become increasingly popular for their wholesome and rich flavour.


Our rich and delectable chocolate e-liquids take the vaping experience to a new level. With the ability to be combined with tonnes of other flavours our chocolate flavoured e-liquids are often paired with other sweet flavours to give a full dessert experience or paired with milk and coffee flavours to give a smooth beverage experience. If you're looking for something a little lighter you'll be happy to see some chocolate flavoured e-liquids mixed with citrus fruits to slice through the sweetness.


As one of the most popular flavour categories in the world, it's no surprise that dessert flavoured e-liquids provide the most mouth watering of flavours. Our dessert flavours include world most famous desserts as well as some beautiful traditional British classics such as lemon tart, custard cream and cherry bakewell. Enjoy the most diverse collection of dessert flavour e-liquids that will delight your senses and provide the ultimate decadence.


Choose from a world of tasty and refreshing drink flavour e-liquids that are sure to quench your craving. Some of the most popular flavours include ice cold fruity slushies, lemonades, cola with a twist, iron brew, coffee or even cider flavoured eJuice. Whether you prefer flavours with a fizzy twist or drink flavoured e-liquids that are perfect for a hot day, our collection has you covered.


Our food flavoured e-liquids re-create all your favourite foods into a blissful vaping experience. From strawberry filled donuts to ice cool cucumber, our food range will surprise you in their creativity and cater for all sweet and savoury preferences to thoroughly satisfy your palate.


With many vapers opting for fruit flavoured e-liquids, we understand the importance of this category and are committed to holding the largest collection of fruit flavours in the world. Whether you enjoy tropical flavours from Hawaii or crisp cherries and apples from the South of France we have you covered. Often blended with ice, we have a remarkable cool fruits e-liquids collection as well as an equal amount of non-ice fruit flavours for those that prefer a richer experience

Ice & Cool

If you're looking for a huge variety of ice and cool e-liquids that provide a refreshing experience with every inhale, look no further. Choose from pure ice and cool e-liquids or those that offer an icy blast without overpowering the underlying flavour. Perfect for hot sunny days, enjoy the transformation of your favourite sweet and fruit flavours into a refreshing cool vape to that will tingle your senses.

Lemon & Lime

When you need a zesty and refreshing experience full of flavour, look no further than our lemon and lime flavoured e-liquids. This collection of lively flavours work impeccably with traditional fruits such as blackberries or more exotic fruit such as guava, strawberries and watermelons - providing you with an intricately balanced bittersweet taste with every draw.

Mint & Menthol

As one of the most popular flavour categories, our large range of mint and menthol flavoured e-liquids provide a unique experience for those that prefer a fresh and clean taste throughout. Mint and menthol e-liquids are available as isolated flavours but are also often mixed with strong flavours such as tobacco or lighter flavours such as your favourite fruit and candy flavourings to give you that exhilarating kick.


Our earthy range of nut flavour e-liquids include the most popular flavour varieties such as hazelnut, almond and mixed nuts. Within our nut range of e-liquids you will also find some of the most creative liquids combining nuts with popular fruits, smoothie and beverage flavours giving you an all-day-vape that combines all your favourite flavours.


Take a look at our rhubarb flavoured e-liquids collection and experience the sharp, tangy and refreshing rhubarb taste that you have come to love in your favourite vape setup. As well as the popular combinations such as rhubarb and custard, you will also find more creative combinations that incorporate rhubarb into other fruits, desserts and sweets that will tingle your taste buds.


Whether you are craving your favourite treat or something sweet, our snack flavoured e-liquids collection will help you satisfy your sweet tooth. From thick creamy chocolate brownies to sweet raspberry biscuits, there's something for everyone in this mouth watering flavour range.


Sour flavoured e-liquids make for an extremely satisfying all day vape, especially when coupled with popular citrus and fruit flavours. If you are looking for a tongue tingling experience paired with something sweet or a lighter experience that still gives you that sour sting then this is the flavour category for you.

Spices & Herbs

Our rich collection of spices and herbs flavoured e-liquid bring a refreshing twist to your daily setup. As well as popular herbs such as aniseed and cinnamon, this selection of e-liquids also brings together surprising flavours that will engage your senses throughout the day.


Whether you enjoy the tobacco flavour or have recently switched over from smoking and still crave that tobacco taste, this category is for you. Enjoy our extensive range of tobacco flavoured e-liquids which have become popular over the last few years. Whether you enjoy British or American tobacco or cigars, we are sure to have something for your taste buds. Some of our most creative tobacco flavours are ingeniously mixed with complimentary flavours such as bourbon or ice cream to give you a pleasant tobacco hit.


Our vanilla flavoured e-liquids offer a creamy, rich and warm flavour that will enhance your vaping experience across all categories. Vanilla is commonly paired with strong bold flavours such as tobacco and summer fruits to create an ultra fine layer of indulgence that carries all the other flavours making them more pronounced due to the subtle vanilla undertone.


Our collection of yogurt flavoured e-liquids provide the perfect balance between deeply rich and subtly light flavours. Some of our most popular yoghurt flavour e-liquids are mixed with fruits to create summery masterpieces or mixed with dessert flavours to achieve a decadent experience from the first refill to the last.

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