AVB is based in the United Kingdom and has been crafting flavours to help you shop vape juice for over 5 years. AVB is eager to stay consistent in researching new blends and VG/PG ratios within its ISO level labs that AVB believes push the boundaries of the market they love...

Some of AVBs best-selling flavours include Cust Doh, which is a rich and indulgent custard doughnut that will keep your mouth watering with every inhale. Similarly, their CCE - Custard Creme Éclair – is a beautiful rendition of this vanilla flavour enriched with dollops of maple syrup to give you that sugary finish.

If you are into your drinks flavours then be sure to check out AVBs Karomel Latte which is a smooth and succulent take on the classic morning kick with a creamy milky texture to compliment the coffee flavour kick. Or if you are more of a fizzy drinks person, the Kola Chu is just for you with its sour and sweet aromas that will keep you interested for longer.

For those that fall in love with fruit flavours do not miss AVBs Nar Nar Moo Shake which is a fun twist on a banana milkshake with dollops of cream for a thick and satisfying experience. Otherwise, the RCS is not to be missed – Raspberry Cheesecake Supreme which gives you the decadence of dessert flavours with the freshness of fruits intertwined throughout.

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AVB Dessert Flavours

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Top AVB Reviews
Dilli Dilli Shortfill by AVB

"A great vape would highly recommend you try it for yourself"

Andas M. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 28th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 28th 2021
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Cust Doh Shortfill by AVB

"Great flavour and long lasting vape. A everyday addition to my Avb mix"

Andas M. • Verified Buyer Review • Sep 7th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Sep 7th 2021
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Kola Chu Shortfill by AVB

"Amazing liquid, will definitely be buying again"

Lewis P. • Verified Buyer Review • Jul 3rd 2020
Verified Buyer Review • Jul 3rd 2020
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