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Strawberry Ice Disposable by Vaptio Beco Bar

"so so tasty would definitely buy it again"

Shannon Y. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 23rd 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 23rd 2021
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Mango Ice Disposable by Vaptio Beco Bar

"One of my favourites, loved it so much"

Amy F. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 12th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 12th 2021
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Pink Lemonade Disposable by Vaptio Beco Bar

"super nice mine lasted 3 days with no cigarettes i smoke quite a bit these are super cheap and so worth the money !!"

Katie F. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 4th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 4th 2021
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Puff Bar - Free Delivery

Puff Bar disposable vape, also known as Beco Bars, has taken the UK and Europe by storm due to their leak-free and stylish design.

This disposable vape bar is made by a company called Vaptio and has also been adopted by the ULTD salts Puff Bar brand, which has a popular flavour called Apple Blow. The Beco Puff Bars are among the best cheap disposable vape kits available on IndeJuice.

IndeJuice vape store offers Free UK Delivery - no minimum order. This is the case for all disposable vape devices. Whether you order an individual Puff Bar (Beco Bar disposable) item or a pack of 5 Puff Bars, you will receive your shopping cart items the Next Day if you live within the UK.

What Is A Disposable Vape Puff Bar?

A disposable vape bar, also known as the term Puff Bar (Beco Bar), is a pre-filled Puff Bar that features a battery and pre-filled 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid.

Disposable vape devices have found their way into the industry because they mimic smoking tobacco. You receive the same smoking cessation with the Beco Bar disposable pod device as a tobacco cigarette to satisfy your cravings.

Disposable vaping devices have the same item components inside the kits, and they all work in the same way. However, some may have a different puff count, battery size, and coil resistance. Disposablesbles are designed to fit in a small bag easily.

Disposable e-cigarettes are mostly taken up by smokers who want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and switch to vaping with a similar throat hit. More experienced vapers are much more likely to be vaping e-liquid that they can change regularly.

Puff Bars Features and Design

Beco Disposable Vape Devices

Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod kits are beautifully sleek designs. They are small, rectangular, and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. Similar to Geek Bar vapes, the Beco Bar is more of a flat design rather than a circular or cylindrical design.

The Puff Bar disposable vape kit consists of a non-rechargeable integrated 280mAh battery, and the Puff Bars will have approximately 300 puffs. Pre-filled, 20mg nicotine salts (nic salts) e-liquids are mainly used as the e-liquid, which has a VG/PG ratio of 50/50.

Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod kits consist of only 1.3ml volume of e-liquid, which should last you a few days until the non-rechargeable integrated 280mAh battery runs out. The legal limit of any Puff Bar in the UK is 2ml.

How do you use a Puff Bar Device?

Beco Bar Disposable Vape Kits

The Beco Bar-Puff Bar disposable pod is straightforward to use. Once you take it out of the packaging, you are ready to go.

The Puff Bar vape device comes fully charged already, and you start with an inhale from the top of the mouthpiece. This is a mouth to lung style vaping device, which will allow a smooth vape. The liquid inside the Puff Bar cannot be replaced and comes pre-filled and pre-charged.

Vaptio Beco Bar disposable Pod Kits - Puff Bar Flavours

Puff Disposable Vape Bar

The Beco Puff Bars disposable pod comes in over 10 beautiful flavours, with enough e-liquid flavours to satisfy any palette. Dessert flavours are yet to be released but are expected soon.

The e-liquids present in these Puff Bars are nic salts. A 20mg nic salt allows a much smoother vape, which can come in different types of nic strength.

While there are not many dessert flavours, the Puff Bars - Beco Bar device comes in various ice flavour choices such as Mango Ice, Lush Ice, Banana Ice, Lychee Ice and Strawberry Ice.

You can also enjoy several vibrant sweet flavour choices such as Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry Banana. We've listed a few of our favourite flavour choices below:

  • Spearmint - This Spearmint Beco Bar features a cool and sweet taste of mint e-liquid.
  • Strawberry Ice - Strawberry Ice Puff Bar features a sweet taste of ripe strawberry e-liquid flavour with an ice-cool freshness.
  • Banana Ice - The Puff Bar features a sweet taste of banana e-liquid with an ice-cool freshness.
  • Blueberry and Raspberry - Blue Razz Beco Bar features a beautiful blend of sweet fruits providing an all-day vape.
  • Strawberry Banana - Strawberry Banana Puff Bars features a sweet taste of a classic combo, enhancing your vaping experience with this classic flavour.
  • Lychee Ice - Lychee Ice Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod kits feature a sweet taste of lychee fruit e-liquid with a lychee ice-cool freshness.
  • Mango Ice - Mango Ice Puff Bars features a sweet taste of Mango e-liquid with an ice-cool freshness.
  • Menthol Tobacco - Menthol Tobacco Puff Bars feature smooth tobacco notes alongside a menthol kick flavour.
  • Peach Ice - Peach Ice Puff Bars features a sweet taste of peaches with a lush ice freshness. There's nothing better than this lush ice on a hot day.
  • Pink Lemonade - These Puff Bars features a sweet concoction of sweet and fizz flavour.

How Much Are The Beco Bar Vaping devices?

Beco Bar Compared to Nic Salt & E-Liquid

These disposable e-cigarettes are available in a variety of combo deals. A box of 10 will cost you £30, whilst a pack of 5 will cost you £15.95. You can also grab these individually from the IndeJuice website.

They are more expensive than nic salt and eliquids. However, they are significantly more convenient to use.

How Much Nicotine Is In The Puff Bar Device?

There is 2% nicotine (20mg nicotine salts) in a Vaptio Beco Bar. You won't find many Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod kits below 20mg as these have been designed to stop cigarette usage and give the same smoking cessation.

Nic salts are the main type of e-liquids used in disposable devices as it allows you to vape a much higher nic strength, whilst still maintaining a smooth vape.

How Do You Know When The Puff Bar Is Finished?

The Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod system is non-rechargeable and has one of the smallest batteries inside. That's what allows them to have their sleek, thin and stylish design.

When you are vaping a Beco bar, the LED indicator will continuously stay on. However, when it is time to dispose of your Beco Bar, the LED indicator at the bottom of the device where the air vents are situated will start to flash.

Because of the smaller battery, the Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod system will only last for 300 puffs. At this point, you must safely dispose of your disposable pen and purchase a new one from your IndeJuice account, which offers free UK delivery on all Vaptio Beco Bar items.

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