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What is an Ultimate Bar?

Ultimate Bar is a new disposable device made by the e-liquid brand Ultimate Puff. Ultimate Bars are great to use if you want to quit smoking and are handy for your first vaping experience.

Ultimate Bars are lightweight, small and compact and are perfect for travelling and commuting or to carry out with you on nights out or day events or even as a backup device.

Ultimate Bars replicate the same cessation as smoking and are available in many different flavours and nicotine strengths. If you don't want to carry your main set-up around with you, then the Ultimate Bar is the perfect device.

How Many Puffs Are In A Ultimate Bar?

The Ultimate Bar contains approximately 575 Puffs.

This puff count depends on your vaping style and how you use the vape. 575 puffs is the approx maximum amount of puffs before either the e-liquid or battery runs out. If you find that the Ultimate bar disposable vape is running out before 575 puffs, then we recommend changing your vaping style.

How Much Nicotine Is In Ultimate Bar?

The Ultimate Bar comes in two nicotine strengths; either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength.

20mg (2%) nicotine strength is perfect for those who are heavy smokers. 10mg nicotine strength (1%) is recommended for social smokers who don't want a strong nicotine hit.

The amount of nicotine is clearly labelled on the packaging of the Ultimate Bar as 1% or 2%.

How Long Do Ultimate Bars Last?

The Ultimate Bars last roughly 2 days depending on usage.

Ultimate Bars have a 450mAh battery and 2ml pre-filled 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid with approximately 575 puffs. Depending on how much you vape, this can vary across each individual vaper.

For instance, a vaper who only uses the Ultimate Bar at certain times of the day, in the morning and break times, may find that the Ultimate Bar disposable vape will last 2-3 days. However, for someone who constantly vapes throughout the day, the Ultimate Bar can last up to 24 hours because the battery and e-liquid are depleted much quicker.

Do Ultimate Bars Have Nicotine?

Some Ultimate Bars contain nicotine. The two nicotine options are 10mg (1%), 20mg (2%). However, there is also a zero-nicotine option of 0mg.

The Ultimate Bar contains nicotine salt e-liquid, which is pre-filled with a capacity of 2ml. Ultimate bars provide an instant nicotine hit to satisfy those cravings using nicotine salt e-liquid.

20mg nicotine strength is aimed at those who are heavy smokers, whilst 10mg is aimed at less frequent and social smokers. Nicotine free (0 mg) Ultimate Bars are also available for those who have weened themselves of nicotine and just enjoy the flavours available.

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Blue Slush Disposable by Ultimate Bar

"Extra large means it goes a lot further. Great size, awesome colour. Tastes great too!"

Angela C. • Verified Buyer Review • Feb 23rd 2024
Verified Buyer Review • Feb 23rd 2024
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Cherry Cola Disposable by Ultimate Bar

"Tastes exactly like cherry cola.. Sweet and strong"

Jon W. • Verified Buyer Review • Feb 11th 2024
Verified Buyer Review • Feb 11th 2024
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Blue Slush Disposable by Ultimate Bar

"Very sweet with a nice strong flavour"

Jon W. • Verified Buyer Review • Feb 11th 2024
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Ultimate Bar Disposable Nicotine Salt Pod

The much anticipated Ultimate Bar disposable vape pod device is finally here! As part of our disposable e-cig collection, you can now enjoy this new disposable device. Ultimate Bar is available with Free UK Delivery at IndeJuice.

This Ultimate Bar disposable pod device is a great device to help quit smoking and switch to vaping. It's a great alternative to Geek Bars as they share a similar flat design and the ultimate vaping experience.

Even though the Ultimate Juice brand is new to the disposable pod device market, it is one of the country's best e-liquid e-juice companies, best known for Ultimate Puff e-liquid.

Ultimate Bars Features

  • Puff Count: Up to 575 Puffs
  • Nicotine Strength: Comes pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid in the following strengths - 0mg, 10mg and 20mg.
  • Volume: 2ml Nicotine Salt
  • VG/PG Ratio: 50% VG / 50% PG
  • Battery: 450mAh in-built battery
  • Design: Stylish and discreet design
  • Firing Mechanism: Auto-firing, inhale activated
  • Flavours: 20 flavour options

Ultimate Bar Disposable Pod Flavours Description

Apple Peach

This Apple Peach flavour will sure have you coming back for more with a delicious combination of fresh apples and juicy peaches.

Banana Ice

Ripe and sweet bananas, on ice. What more could you want on a hot day? This flavour option is a must-try for all banana flavour lovers.

Black Ice

Classic yet straightforward blackcurrant on ice flavour. Fresh and sweet blackcurrant, over ice, all in a delicious vape.

Blue Slush Ice

Blue Raspberry slush, nostalgia with every inhale. This product will be sure to have your taste buds tantalised.

Chilled Grape

This vape flavour is classic with its ice-cold kick and delicious sweet grapes.

Lemon Twist

This flavour is a blend of mixed fruit flavours combined with a tangy fresh lemon kick.

The Monster

This Ultimate Bar Disposable pod tastes like a classic energy drink with an ice-cold kick.

Orange Soda

Orange soda combines all your favourite fruits with a prominent sweet Orange flavour that oozes freshness throughout the vape.

Pineapple Crush

Pineapple Crush crushes all your favourite fruits into one tasty vape. The frozen pineapple is the dominant flavour and leaves a sweet and cold sensation throughout your mouth.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream is a delicious tasty fresh strawberry and cream flavour with an ice-cool finish in the mouth.

The Ultimate bar disposable device is a handy device to take out and about. With fast delivery and the best prices, there are many benefits to shopping at IndeJuice.

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