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SYCO Xtreme Fruit Flavours

Ice & Cool

SYCO Xtreme Ice Flavours

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Top SYCO Xtreme Reviews
Honeydew Melon Disposable by SYCO Xtreme

"Refreshing taste, hits nicely, never had a problem with any syco vapes"

Niamh M. • Verified Buyer Review • Mar 4th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Mar 4th 2022
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Raspberry Lemonade Disposable by SYCO Xtreme

"Really nice flavour and the nicotine hits nicely(I can feel it more than other vapes I’ve tried)"

Niamh M. • Verified Buyer Review • Feb 14th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Feb 14th 2022
Buy SYCO Xtreme Raspberry Lemonade Disposable
Strawberry Disposable by SYCO Xtreme

"Favourite flavour would definitely recommend to anyone"

Bella M. • Verified Buyer Review • Jan 13th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Jan 13th 2022
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Syco Xtreme Disposables - Free Delivery

The Syco Xtreme disposable devices are beautiful and colourful disposables. Just like >Elf Bars these disposable vapes mainly focus on Fruit and Ice-Cool flavours such as Mango Ice, Cherry Frost, Honey Dew Melon, Blackcurrant Watermelon Ice and Banana Ice.

The Syco Xtreme disposables use high-quality e-liquid ingredients and are in stock at IndeJuice. IndeJuice offers unlimited free one-day delivery on all Syco Xtreme products on orders over £20.

If you order one Raspberry Lemonade or five Mango Ice products, you will receive this the next day to anywhere within the UK, without any change in delivery price.

Shopping on IndeJuice has been made very simple. Click on any product SKU and simply add to cart.

About Disposables

Disposable devices such as Syco Xtreme are intended for everyday use and are perfect if you are transitioning from smoking and want something easy to use with delicious e-liquids to choose from.

Disposables contain Nicotine Salt e-liquid. The Syco Xtreme disposable vapes have a nicotine strength of 20mg to satisfy anyone's cravings.

Disposable vapes have a single battery already incorporated inside. Please note: these in-built batteries are non-rechargeable.

Disposables are small and lightweight and are perfect to fit into your trouser pockets or handbag, which makes them perfect for nights out and day events. It removes the hassle of carrying around any e-liquids or coils.

Syco Xtreme Disposable Vape Features

These disposable vapes are bright and bold, each colour representing its respective flavour. Watermelon Ice is Bright Green, Banana Ice is Yellow, Blackcurrant Ice is Purple, and Honey Dew Melon is Orange. This allows the Syco disposables to be distinguished easily.


These disposable vapes carry an in-built 400mAh non-rechargeable battery, which will last you a few days depending on how much you vape.

Puff Count

The disposables are 500 puffs, which is an excellent feature to keep you going all day long, especially if you are on a night out.


The disposables have an ergonomically designed mouthpiece that allows the vape device to sit in your mouth comfortably.

Prefilled E-liquid

The e-liquids present in the disposable vapes are prefilled at a volume of 2ml. The vape juice type is in the form of a nicotine salt.

Syco Xtreme Disposable Flavours

The flavours in these disposable vapes are sourced from premium ingredients and taste like no other. Whether it's a hot summers day on which you want to vape Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry, Watermelon, or even a sweet Apple Peach, you will not be disappointed.

Our favourite flavours are highlighted below:

Raspberry Lemonade

This flavour is perfect for a hot summers day and takes a soda blend containing citrus and sweet juicy raspberry notes to keep you feeling sweet all day long.

Cherry Frost

Perfect for an all-day vape with that ice-cool finish. It's a blend of dark sweet cherries, which is carefully blended together with pure Ice.

Mango Ice

This takes sweet, succulent fresh mangoes, which will feel like a trip to the tropicals, and is finished with a lovely Ice-cool note leaving you refreshed all day long.

Shop Syco Xtreme Disposables

The Syco Xtreme disposable vape devices are a fabulous addition to the IndeJuice stock inventory, and they are definitely worth a try. With delicious blends such as Apple & Peach and Banana Ice, there is something for everyone.

These disposables are available on IndeJuice, which offers unlimited free one-day delivery with no minimum order to anywhere in the UK with the IndePlus subscription, otherwise free on orders over £20.

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