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Grape Ice Disposable by SMOK

"These are my favourite - a lovely grape flavour with a cool aftertaste. They last a long time too. 10/10"

Elizabeth W. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 5th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 5th 2021
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Mango Ice Disposable by SMOK

"To sweet for me personal, good flavor no coffin."

Tudor P. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 9th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 9th 2021
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Blue Raspberry Disposable by SMOK

"Not alot of flavor quite disapointing really thought there would be bit more taste, the vape itself very nice to hold and vape on"

Jane M. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 2nd 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 2nd 2021
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SMOK MBAR - Free Delivery

The SMOK MBAR disposable vape device is the latest all in one pod kit created by SMOK.

The SMOK MBAR disposable vape is available in a range of flavours on IndeJuice. The SMOK MBAR can be easily added into your shopping cart basket on IndeJuice as an individual product or in a combo deal as part of our large collection of disposable vapes.

The IndeJuice site offers Unlimited Free UK Delivery, with no minimum order through our IndePlus delivery service. Whether you order 1 SMOK MBAR disposable or 10 MBAR vapes, you will receive your vape order the next day.

SMOK MBAR Disposable Vape Design

The SMOK MBAR disposable pod kit is aesthetically pleasing, sleek and the all in one device contains 300 puffs. The pod kit SMOK MBAR is small enough to fit into your pocket or handbag and great to take out with you on nights out without the hassle of carrying e-liquid bottles or any individual part of a vape kit.

The SMOK MBAR disposable pod kit contains an internal battery of 280mAh. The battery can not be recharged and must be disposed of when the battery or e-liquid runs out.

The disposable vape pod kit SMOK MBAR has created contains 1.5ml of pre-filled e-liquid, filled with nic salt flavours such as Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Kiwi.

Nic salts are great as they provide a smooth vape full of flavour, which you can be vape at higher salt nicotine strengths. This is to aid ex-smokers in giving up cigarettes.

How Many Puffs Does the Pod Kit SMOK MBAR


The SMOK MBAR disposable pod kit contains 300 puffs. It is Draw Activated, which make it easy for vapers to use. 300 puffs are enough to last a few days. However, if you are on a day/night out, this may just last one day (depending on how much you are vaping).

The 300 puff pod kit SMOK MBAR have created approximately the same amount as a pack of 10 cigarettes.

Why Choose a SMOK MBAR Disposable Vape Device?

The pod kit SMOK MBAR has innovated is for the customers who require enough nicotine to satisfy their nicotine cravings when replacing cigarettes. The SMOK MBAR disposable device has been created to target ex-smokers who find it difficult to quit smoking cigarettes.

The SMOK MBAR pod kit allows the ex-smoker to replicate the cessation of smoking a cigarette. The pod kit, combined with the nic salt e-liquid enclosed inside, allows the vaper to experience a mouth lung style vaping. When the vaper draws on the MBAR pod kit, the vape is drawn into the mouth and then directed into the lungs - just like a traditional cigarette.

The 50/50 VG/PG of the e-liquid present in the SMOK MBAR disposable vape allows you to taste beautiful flavours alongside a decent amount of cloud production, to enhance your vaping experience.

How Much Does The Pod Kit SMOK MBAR Cost?

An individual pod kit SMOK MBAR costs £4.99. This is the fraction of the price of a pack of 20 cigarettes. There are also two bundle deals for the MBAR vape on IndeJuice: 3 for £12 and 6 for £24.

These can be purchased on IndeJuice, with unlimited free one-day delivery. Whether you order one, three or six SMOK MBAR devices, you will receive your order the next day for any orders placed within the UK.

SMOK MBAR Disposable Vape Flavours

The SMOK MBAR pod kit (300 puffs) has a range of flavours that you can purchase from IndeJuice. All flavour options are available with Free UK Delivery with no minimum order.

The SMOK MBAR disposable vape kits are only available in 20mg nic salts, containing 300 puffs and a 280mAH battery. With that in mind, we have outlined our 3 favourite flavours of the SMOK MBAR disposable vape below:

1. Blue Raspberry

SMOK MBAR Blue Raspberry flavour is a classic fruity blend of sweet blueberries and tangy raspberries, a mouth-watering concoction that leaves you wanting more.

2. Grape Ice

SMOK MBAR Grape Ice flavour is ideal for a hot summers day. You get the taste of a delicious rich grape flavour, alongside a refreshing ice-cool finish.

3. Strawberry Ice

If you love the taste of sweet and succulent strawberries, then the SMOK MBAR Strawberry Ice vape is for you. A lovely vaping experience, using premium ingredients alongside an ice-cool finish.

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