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Moreish Puff disposable pod - Free Delivery

The Moreish puff air bar is a disposable pod, available on IndeJuice, producing a flavour amazing quality inhale. You will be able to purchase any Moreish puff air bar disposable, whether as a combo deal or individually. IndeJuice offers free one day delivery on anything vape with or without nicotine, free shipping & same-day dispatch with no minimum order for any customer.

Moreish Puff was first established in 2016, where it produced quality e-liquids and short fills, from fabulous juicy dessert flavours to a sweet ice taste for an all-day vape.

What is a Moreish Puff Air bar?

The moreish puff air bar is a disposable pod device. It is a sleek and sophisticated design perfect for those who are out and about, and perfect for those nights out (especially with 575 puffs incredible flavour amazing).

The puff air bar disposable is the perfect size to fit into your pocket or handbag, and there's no need to carry any e-liquid or coils with you, unlike many open pod systems. This disposable device contains 2ml of e-liquid.

How To Use a Moreish Puff Air Bar Disposable

The Moreish puff air bar is very easy to use. The disposable pod is packaged nicely, once you take it out, you simple inhale from your mouth like you would any traditional cigarette and start vaping. This amazing quality inhale activated device provides you with 575 puffs of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, which is enough to give you a nicotine rush.

Moreish Puff Air Bar Vape Flavours

The morish puff air bar disposable (2ml) provides 575 puffs of incredible flavour. There are 10 types of sweet 20mg nic salt to choose from, they are:

  • Strawberry Watermelon - Strawberry and Watermelon make an utterly mouth-watering pair, with all the succulent sweetness of Strawberries with the refreshing, luscious mellow Watermelon.
  • Blueberry Ice - Immensely tasty Blueberries followed up with a blast of cool Ice entitles this flavour as the perfect Blueberry blend.
  • Grape Ice - A thirst-quenching blend of dark grapes followed up with a breezy wave of refreshing ice on the exhale.
  • Banana Ice - Every inhale exhilarates your senses with a delectably rich banana followed up with a breezy cool hit.
  • Watermelon Ice - This delivers a tropical taste with an Ice Cool kick.
  • Mango Strawberry - Sweet, piquant Mangoes are followed up deliciously with only the finest Strawberries. Together, this combination tastes like straight-up paradise.
  • Pineapple Ice - Pineapple on the luscious inhale followed up with some icy undertones for this paradise of a flavour.
  • Cool Mint - A magnificent mixture of mint and cool ice
  • Pink Lemonade - Filled with delicious Raspberries giving you a sweet and tart flavour but also contains a splash of refreshingly tasty Lemonade to finish.
  • Watermelon Candy - A sweet and tropical, juicy Watermelon is coated by a sugary hard Candy shell.

You can make a purchase on our website for these Moreish Puff air bar disposables, which carry incredible flavour amazing quality with 20mg Nic salt up to 575 puffs.

How Much is a Moreish Puff Air Bar vape Disposable

The disposable pod device is at a price of £5.99, or you can purchase 4 for the price of £20. This is at a fraction of the price of a pack of cigarettes. This can be purchased on IndeJuice with Free One day delivery - with no minimum order.

These disposable vapes are a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, and the 20mg Nic salt will really give you a smooth hit whilst vaping to satisfy your cravings, whether you fancy sweet candy or an ice-cool hit, you will feel that nicotine.

How Long will 575 Puffs vape Last?

575 Puffs should last you a good few days, customers have reported it takes between 3-4 days to finish one moreish puff air bar device. However, this may be subject to change if you are out on a night out, as you are more likely to vape more nicotine.

This Moreish Puff disposable vape device contains 2ml of e-liquid, which is the legal requirement in the UK, anything above 2ml is illegal, for the safety of our customers we are prohibited from selling any nicotine products with over 2ml of vape juice.

When Do You know You Have Finished the Air Bar?

The moreish Puff air bar disposable has a light at the bottom of the device. Once you vape, the light will switch on. Once you have finished the 575 puffs, the incredible flavour of your chosen vape will no longer inhale and the light at the bottom of the air bar will continue to flash. Once you finish the air bar you will have to dispose of it and purchase another one. This can be purchased on IndeJuice, where we offer Free one day delivery on the IndePlus subscription.

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