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Frunk Bar Disposable Vape Kit - Free Delivery

The Frunk Bar disposable pod vape device is a pre-filled 2ml nicotine salt e-liquid device, which focuses on fruit flavours. Some of the most popular Frunk Bars are Berry Mixer, Strawberry Nana and Banana Breeze.

The Frunk Bar disposable device is available on IndeJuice, with Unlimited Free UK Delivery and same day dispatch.

The Frunk Bar pod device has a sleek and smooth design and is great to use as a backup device when you are out and about or on nights out.

Frunk Bar Vape - Key Features

  • Simple draw-activated operation
  • 400mAh non-chargeable vape device
  • 600 puffs
  • Internal organic heating material
  • Ideal for stealth vaping and beginner vape user

What Frunk Bar Flavours are there?

There are 14 delicious Frunk bar flavours for the perfect smooth vape. These are:

  • Club Cola
  • Twisted Apple
  • Iced Mango
  • Banana Freeze
  • Energy Burst
  • Orange Breezer
  • Mint Mania
  • Frozen Grape
  • Cool Pineapple
  • Grapefruit with Passion
  • Strawberry Nana
  • Berry Mixer
  • Watermelon splash
  • Peach on Ice
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Top Reviews
Top FRUNK Reviews
Mint Mania Disposable by FRUNK

"Great products and good prices. I recommend buying from indejuice."

Abdul A. • Verified Buyer Review • Nov 30th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Nov 30th 2022
Buy FRUNK Mint Mania Disposable
Mint Mania Disposable by FRUNK

"I like the flavour and I don't seem to have problems with them"

John B. • Verified Buyer Review • Jun 1st 2022
Verified Buyer Review • Jun 1st 2022
Buy FRUNK Mint Mania Disposable
Twisted Apple Disposable by FRUNK

"Apple overload if you like apple this is the vape for you to try"

Tracy R. • Verified Buyer Review • May 12th 2022
Verified Buyer Review • May 12th 2022
Buy FRUNK Twisted Apple Disposable
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What is in a Frunk Bar?

Frunk Bar disposable vapes contain nicotine salt e-liquid, which is made up of Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), at a concentration of 50/50, with premium quality food flavourings and nicotine.

The Frunk bar disposable devices are excellent mouth to lung vapes and are available in 14 mouth-watering flavours.

How many puffs Are In a Frunk Bar vape?

600 puffs.

Each Frunk Bar disposable vape device contains up to 600 puffs. Each Frunk disposable is pre-filled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid with a 400mAh integrated battery. The puff count of course depends on your vaping style and how you vape.

How many cigarettes are in Frunk Bars?

Approx 40 cigarettes in a single 600 puff Frunk Bar.

There are approx two packs of cigarettes in a single Frunk Bar with a 20mg nicotine strength. Existing smokers will benefit greatly from health and price by switching to electronic cigarettes such as Frunk Bars.

How much nicotine is in Frunk Bar disposables?

2% (20mg) NicotineStrength.

The Frunk Bar disposable device is only available in 20mg (2%) nicotine strength. This is enough nicotine to satisfy your nicotine cravings. The nicotine salt e-liquid, which the Frunk bar is pre-filled, will enter the bloodstream and offer you a smooth throat hit as soon as you inhale.

How do you use a Frunk Bar vape pod?

Once you take out the Frunk Bar disposable from its packaging you can simply start vaping by just inhaling the device from the mouthpiece, once you finish the Frunk Bar, you just dispose of it accordingly. Frunk bars are lightweight, compact and perfect for day to day use. The 2ml e-liquid capacity alongside the 400mAh integrated battery makes the frunk bar disposable one of the easiest vapes on the market.

How long do Frunk Bar disposable vape pods last?

Frunk Bars last roughly 2 days. Of course, this depends on how much you vape and your vaping style. If you constantly vape all day then a single frunk bar will last around 1 day, however, vaping like you would smoking a cigarette, a frunk bar can last up to 2 days. Frunk Bars are not rechargeable and so when you finish, you simply dispose of the disposable device.

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