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Mint Mania Disposable by FRUNK Bar

"sooooo nice better than any other I’ve tried before. Not like other mint flavours. This one is like fresh mint or gum."

Ellie B. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 14th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 14th 2021
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Orange Breezer Disposable by FRUNK Bar

"Great go to as a spare if my vape has run out of battery. Great taste too, fab nicotine hit!!"

Pip W. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 5th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 5th 2021
Buy FRUNK Bar Orange Breezer Disposable
Mint Mania Disposable by FRUNK Bar

"Great go to as a spare if my vape has run out of battery. Great taste too, fab nicotine hit!!"

Pip W. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 5th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 5th 2021
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Frunk Bar Disposable Vape Kit - Free Delivery

The Frunk Bar disposable pod vape device is a beautifully designed vape device that focuses on gorgeous fruit flavours such as Berry Mixer, Strawberry Nana, and Banana Breeze, satisfying any vapers needs.

Frunk Bar disposable vapes are available on IndeJuice, with unlimited Free UK Delivery - no minimum order required through our IndePlus delivery service. Whether you order one disposable device or a collection of many disposable vapes, you will have your products the next day to anywhere in the UK.

Frunk Bar offers each disposable vape kit device for a price of £5.99 on IndeJuice. However, you can purchase 3 for a price of £15, which is a discount of around 15%.

Authentic Frunk Bars

All Frunk Bar disposable devices available on the IndeJuice online shop have been sourced directly from the manufacturer guaranteeing authenticity on all orders.

These authentic Prime Certified items can be easily found on the menu search and are labelled with our Prime logo on each item.

You can also view the Frunk Bars reviews on the IndeJuice site to see how much customers love these kits.

Frunk Bar Disposable Pod Vape Design

The Frunk Bar disposable device is a sleek and sophisticated design like no other. They have focused on the mouthpiece for extra comfort when vaping.

The vape device is small enough to carry in your handbag or even your pockets, which removes the hassle of carrying around e-liquid bottles or individual disposable pods around with you on nights out.

Inside A Frunk Bar Disposable Device Product

The Frunk Bar disposable vape device contains a small internal battery with a battery size of 400mAh and a 2ml volume tank containing your favourite pre-filled e-liquid flavour.

The e-liquid inside the device is a nicotine salt with a nicotine strength of 20mg. The e-liquid concentration of VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerine vs Propylene Glycol) is 50/50, which supports mouth to lung vaping.

The nicotine salt e-liquid inside the Frunk Bar disposable device provides a much smoother vape at higher nicotine concentrations and takes away the harshness of the vape.

The vape device contains approximately 600 puffs. Each puff will provide you with an intense fruity flavour, which will last you a perfectly reasonable amount of time.

Frunk Bar Disposable Device Flavours

You can shop many flavours from this particular brand on the IndeJuice site with Free UK Delivery on all flavours.

All Frunk Bar disposable vape kits are made with nicotine salt e-liquid, which will give you an instant hit alongside a smooth vape.

Below we have listed the top 3 Frunk Bar flavours that the team at IndeJuice love:

1. Energy Burst

Frunk Bar Energy Burst is a long-lasting and satisfying energy burst.

A much-loved flavour. Crafted to deliver an all-day vape that will satisfy you from the morning until evening without any skips in between.

2. Mint Mania

Frunk Bar Mint Mania is a classic cool product to get you through the heat with an intense flavour of mint and menthol, giving your mouth that lovely ice-cool finish at the end.

3. Cool Pineapple

Frunk Bar Cool Pineapple flavour contains the juiciest pineapples all thrown together, which provides an amazing sweet taste on the inhale. The refreshing cool ice on your mouth will give you a breath-of-fresh air perfect for hot summers days.

How long do Frunk Bars last?

Frunk Bars have approximately 600 puffs for each of their products. Each product contains an internal battery size of 400mAh. This is enough to last a few days, but this, of course, depends on how much you vape.

If you are vaping this on a day/night out, you may find this will run out quicker than a normal day.

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