There are 2 flavour variations of Pina Colada disposables across 2 products. Across them all, they have scored an average of 4.5 stars.

Exclusive to IndeJuice, 30 vapers have rated & reviewed Pina Colada disposable vapes based on flavour accuracy, quality and how likely they are to recommend it. Below you'll find the top 2 Pina Colada flavours of disposable products ranked in order of popularity as voted for by the vaping community, featuring authentic reviews from vapers themselves.

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1. Power Bar Pina Colada Disposable Vape

4.5 Stars Scored By 26 Vapers

The most popular disposable with Pina Colada flavour as voted by vapers is Power Bar Pina Colada. It has an average score of 4.5 stars, voted for by 26 vapers. It features a Pina Colada flavour, for which you can find authentic reviews of below.

Pina Colada
 Pina Colada Disposable Vape
 Pina Colada Disposable Vape

"If you like pina coladas... You'll love this. Not overly sweet which is perfect for me and no fake sweet aftertaste. I'll be back for more." - Tina H.

"Wasn't sure I'd like this but thought would try for the price, love it! Great flavour for a change. Nice draw on the vape itself" - Deborah V.

"Like a glass of the Caribbean in your hands. Really tropical and creamy with a sharp and acidic exhale. Superb" - Ben V.

"Loved the flavour; I am replacing my nicotine with fruit - using a fruit flavoured vape really helps I find." - Diane G.

"This pina colada flavour tasted just like the real thing. Fast delivery, great tracking communication" - Melanie F.


2. Aroma King 7000 Tornado Pina Colada Rum Disposable Vape

5.0 Stars Scored By 2 Vapers

In second place we have Aroma King Pina Colada Rum. It has an average score of 5.0 stars, voted for by 2 vapers. It features a mix of Pina Colada and Rum flavours, for which you can find authentic reviews of below.

Pina Colada Rum
 Pina Colada Rum Disposable Vape
 Pina Colada Rum Disposable Vape

"Love the flavour of this one, and so easy to use. Wasnt expecting the led lights change every time you puff but dont mind it. Battery last quite a long time which is also good" - Amelie J.

"Lovely flavour… tastes just like pins colada… lasting long flavour would defo recommend" - Chantelle D.

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