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Pineapple Berry Disposable by Doozy

"Really nice flavour and really smooth. Cold feeling in throat but beside that really good"

Rachel B. • Verified Buyer Review • Dec 1st 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Dec 1st 2021
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Sweet Cherry Disposable by Doozy

"Tastes lovely, really cold feeling in my throat so not to surest in the winter but really good nonetheless"

Rachel B. • Verified Buyer Review • Dec 1st 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Dec 1st 2021
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Doozy Nix - Free UK Delivery

The Doozy Nix disposable kit is a gorgeous product made by the UK's very own Doozy Vape Co company. The Doozy Nix disposable device is available in different flavours such as Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Milk and Mango Strawberry. It is part of IndeJuice's best disposable vapes collection.

The Doozy Nix disposable vape is available to purchase on IndeJuice. The IndeJuice online shop offers a full page of gorgeous Doozy products available with Free Next Day Delivery on all orders over £20 and Unlimited FREE Next Day Delivery for IndePlus members within the UK. Shop now for great multi-buy deals on Doozy Nix devices.

About Doozy Vape Company

Doozy Vape Co was established in 2015, and since then, Doozy has grown to become a known international brand available across six continents.

Doozy Vape has over 14 different brands, which specialise in shortfills, nic salt e-liquid, and regular freebase 10mls to use in your favourite e-Cig kits. Now Doozy has used their knowledge to create the new Doozy Nix disposable pre-filled devices.

Doozy Nix Disposable Design & Features


The Doozy Nix disposable device is a gorgeously sleek and slim design with an outstanding crystal clear finish. The pre-filled Doozy Nix disposable kit is small, lightweight and compact, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hands.

The Doozy Nix disposable kit is available in different flavours, which is illustrated by the colour of the Doozy Nix device itself. Fantasia Grape has a purple colour, whilst Lime Cola is green.

Nicotine Strength

The Doozy Nix disposable is pre-filled with salt nicotine e-liquid (nic salts), providing you with a satisfying throat hit and an all-around great vaping experience.

The nicotine strength of the Doozy Nix disposable kit comes in 0mg, 10mg, 20mg - perfect for novice vapers who want to make the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes.

Battery & Puffs

The Doozy Nix disposable contains an internal 500mAh battery and provides you with approx 600 puffs (equivalent to approximately 48 cigarettes). However, just like with Elf Bar disposables, this depends on how much you vape and your vaping style.


The Doozy Nix disposable is pre-filled with 50/50 VG/PG salt nicotine that will give you a great hit and a great taste.

LED Light

The Doozy Nix disposable incorporates an LED light. When you inhale on the disposable device, the LED light at the base of the disposable vape will continuously light up. When the disposable is ready to be disposed of, the LED light will constantly flash. Please note to dispose of this kit safely.

Doozy Nix Disposable Flavours

There are many flavours available to choose from in the Doozy Nix vape range. All flavours provide you with a distinct taste to make your taste buds tingle. We have outlined the top flavours you must try.

Fantasia Grape

Doozy Nix Fantasia Grape is a tasty concoction of green and purple grapes. This vape is pre-filled with the highest quality of ingredients. This Juicy mix is an all-day vape and a must-try.

Pineapple Berry

Doozy Nix Pineapple Berry is a lush combination of sweet pineapple chunks and juicy berries. The mixed berries and pineapple work brilliantly together, providing you with a tangy edge.

Mango Strawberry

The Doozy Nix Mango Strawberry flavour consists of sweet and ripe mangoes, perfectly blended with sweet strawberries creating a tangy mix of fruits.

Doozy Nix Highlights

The Doozy Nix disposable device is an excellent disposable vape made in three different nicotine strengths of 0mg, 10mg and 20mg. If you are thinking of moving to electronic e-cigarettes from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, then we recommend you start on 20mg to receive a similar cessation and nicotine hit, then work your way down to 0mg.

Disposable vapes like the Doozy Nix disposables allows you to carry your device when you're out and about without the hassle of carrying around any e-liquid or vape accessories such as coils. The Doozy Nix is approximately 600 puffs, which should be enough for you to use for one or two days, of course, depending on how much you vape, and small enough to fit into your trouser pockets or handbag.

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