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Mango Ice Disposable by Dinner Lady

"Nice flavour but did run out kind of quick"

Emma P. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 25th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 25th 2021
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Fresh Menthol Disposable by Dinner Lady

"Nice flavour and lasts pretty long aswell"

Emma P. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 25th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 25th 2021
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Blue Menthol Disposable by Dinner Lady

"Very good, nice flavour, will buy again"

Becky S. • Verified Buyer Review • Oct 24th 2021
Verified Buyer Review • Oct 24th 2021
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Dinner Lady Disposable - Free Delivery

Dinner Lady disposable vape pen e-cigs are a great way to quit smoking thanks to their simplicity and convenient design. IndeJuice offers the entire Dinner Lady disposable range with Free UK Delivery at no minimum order.

Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen

Dinner Lady disposables are easy to use and a great way to transition from smoking for the first time. They come with dinner lady's premium e-liquid pre-filled, so you don't have to worry about refilling it or forgetting your charger at home.

The key features of the Dinner Lady Vape Pen include the 1.5ml prefilled nicotine salt e-liquid soaked into organic cotton and the longer battery life thanks to the 350mAh Lithium-Ion battery. This power provides for Dinner Lady pod devices with 400 puffs for each flavour. This is equivalent to approximately 30 cigarettes and makes the Dinner Lady disposable vape pen a perfect choice for smokers trying to quit.

The Dinner Lady disposable vapes are sleek and stylish with an ergonomic mouthpiece that can fit discreetly in your hand. The slim and circular design of the Vape Pen is more low profile than Geek Bar e-cigs and makes it easy to carry anywhere while being durable enough for everyday use. The premium metallic finish also gives this handy product some added style.

Dinner Lady Vape Pen Flavours

The dinner Lady disposables are available in 11 flavours.

Dessert Flavours (including Lemon Tart)

The Desserts Vape Pen range is a mouthwatering collection of vape pens that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The award-winning Dinner Lady Lemon Tart and Strawberry Macaroon provide an excellent flavour for the vaping experience, making it perfect for vapers that enjoy a sweet vape.

As the Dinner Lady disposable vape pen is disposable, the usual problems that vapers have with dessert flavours shortening the lifespan of coils are no longer. Now you are able to enjoy a gooey meringue treat or a deeply rich cream flavour without having to switch out pods.

Fruit Flavours

Dinner Lady's disposable fruits range includes both old favourites such as Pink Berry with some hot new flavours. A new flavour is the ultimate Fruit Mix formulation that brings together red berries, grapes, currants and citrus fruits for your vaping pleasure!

Dinner Lady's disposable fruit flavours are both delicious and convenient. Your Dinner Lady disposable vape pen comes pre-filled with premium e-liquid, so you don't have to worry about refilling it or forgetting your charger at home.

Ice Flavours

The Dinner Lady disposable vape pen is the perfect device for those looking for an icy experience. With six new flavours, including Citrus Ice, Mango Ice and Banana Ice, you can be sure that there's a ice flavour in the Dniner Lady disposable e-cig range that's just right for your preferences.

The addition of koolada ensures an icy cool exhale, which will leave you feeling refreshed, particularly with the astonishing Bubblegum Ice, Lemon sherbet Ice and Strawberry Ice formulations that pack a great flavour punch in the pre-filled disposable pod device.

Menthol Flavours

Make sure you check out the menthol disposable vape pen range from Dinner Lady if you prefer the taste of menthol cigarettes. This has become especially important due to the menthol flavour ban in the EU.

This disposable vape pen range from Dinner Lady vape combines fruity and sweet flavours with a cooling mint that simulates the menthol flavour from smoking menthol tobacco products without harmful cigarette chemicals.

Some other menthol flavours in the Dinner Lady vape pen range provide more of a cool menthol without the classic tobacco flavour. Blue menthol is a great example of this with refreshing and sweet berry flavors that are cooled by a hint of a mint from its menthol overtones. It's easy to see why blue has been such a popular choice in recent years!

Tobacco Flavours

As part of Dinner Lady's disposable vape pen lineup, the Smooth Tobacco disposable pen offers a twist on traditional tastes with its sweet and woodsy taste that would suit existing cigarette smokers trying out switching over from cigarettes.

How long do dinner lady disposable Vapes last?

Dinner Lady's disposable vape pen flavours last up to 400 puffs (equivalent to 20 cigarettes). All these products come with 20mg strength of nicotine salts.

Are Dinner Lady Vapes good?

Dinner Lady is currently rated at 4.3/5 with 547 Verified Customer reviews. This is a very good rating and is why Dinner Lady is considered amongst the best vape brands in the world across their range of over 100 e-liquids and 11 Dinner Lady pod devices.

One of the most famous e-liquids that is also available as a disposable vape pen is Dinner Lady Lemon Tart. Lemon Tart's realistic flavourings and high-quality production process have made it a renowned dessert flavoured Dinner Lady e-liquid, winning several awards for the Best Dessert over the past four years.

It is a lemon tart flavour that ooses with lemon curd tartness and is finished off with a sweet crust. This Dinner Lady flavour is as authentic tasting as you are going to get from any other dessert e-liquid or disposable vape pen on the market, making it perfect for those that enjoy a sweeter flavour than anything else.

Can you refill Dinner Lady vape?

You cannont refill a disposable Dinner Lady vape pen or any other disposable vapes. A disposable vape pen is intended to be used until the vape pen is empty and then disposed of.

You also cannot charge your Dinner Lady disposable vape pen or disassemble it in any way. If your disposaale vape has run out then you will need a new Dinner Lady vape.

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