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The Aspire Mynus vapourless disposable vape kit is a new innovative vapourless vaping system ideal for discrete vaping. Aspire Mynus disposable vape comes in 3 gorgeous flavours and is available to purchase on IndeJuice as part of the UK's best disposable vapes collection.

IndeJuice offers unlimited Free UK Delivery on all Aspire Mynus disposable vapes, with no minimum order through our IndePlus delivery service. Whether you add 1 disposable vape or 3 into your shopping cart, you will always receive your order the next day.

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Vape System

The Aspire Mynus disposable vape is a fantastically innovative vapourless technology, remarkably small, discreet and can fit in the palm of your hand. The Mynus is the smallest vapourless disposable vape system on the market, measuring 4cm tall 1cm deep.

The Aspire Mynus products feature an automatic draw, pre-filled disposable system. It's effortless to use, with a simplistic instruction manual as it is as easy as smoking a cigarette. As soon as you take it out of its packaging, and can start vaping right away.

The Aspire Mynus vapourless disposable vape implements an innovative vapourless technology. When you vape on this product, the vapourless technology kicks in, and you will see zero vapour on the exhale, which results in a discreet, cloud-free vape.

Aspire Mynus Vapourless Disposable Design

The Aspire Mynus is a pre-filled disposable system. The innovative vapourless technology allows you to be super discreet without attracting too much attention.

The Aspire Mynus vapourless vape kit contains a 150mAh battery and allows up to 150 puffs, which is enough to last you a whole day and is equivalent to about 15 cigarettes.

This pre-filled disposable system is great to take with you on nights out and easily fits in your pockets or handbag. The Aspire Mynus vapourless disposable kit takes away the hassle of carrying around e-liquid and replacement coils.

The Aspire Mynus vapourless disposable vape kit contains a 0.9ml e-liquid capacity. The e-liquids in this vapourless disposable vape system are salt nicotine with a strength of 20mg. Ideal for users of all experience levels but especially ex-smokers to receive that instant throat hit and get off smoking traditional cigarettes and switch to vaping.

Aspire Mynus Flavours

The Aspire Mynus features an automatic draw, pre-filled with Wick Liquor eliquid to get your taste buds tingling.

This pre-filled disposable device and stealth vape is a superb ultra-small and lightweight device great for any occasion. The tight Mouth to lung draw allows you to mimic the same cessation as smoking, with 20mg nicotine strength to satisfy your cravings.

The Aspire Mynus, with its innovative vapourless technology, remarkably small design (4cm wide, 4cm tall, 1cm deep) and silent operation, is available in 3 flavour options:

Rich Tobacco

Aspire Mynus Rich Tobacco is an authentic Rich Tobacco flavour. Beautiful tobacco blend that's rich, smoky and delightfully smooth.

Mixed Fruits

Aspire Mynus Mixed Fruits is a customer favourite. It consists of juicy ripe berries mixed with mouth-watering fruits. Perfect for an all-day vape or a hot summers day.

Ice Menthol

Aspire Mynus Ice Menthol is a magnificent mix of menthol and cool ice. This delicate classic flavour will definitely freshen up your day.

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