How Much Is A Drag Vape?

Published April 28th 2022
Wondering how much a Drag vape will cost you? In this article, we compare the cost of the different VooPoo Drag vapes.

How Much Is A Drag Vape?

A Drag Vape’s price will vary wildly depending on where you buy your drag pod kit and what model you buy. The single-battery models like Drag S, Drag X and Drag S pro will set you back around £30.

On the other hand, dual-battery kits like the Drag 3 and the Drag 2 are more expensive, almost doubling in price, starting from around £40.

With VooPoo vape kits, especially with the Drag X and the Drag X Pro, you will have to purchase 18650 replacement batteries and PnP pods separately.

PnP, which stands for “push-n-pull”, is VooPoo’s signature heating coil system optimises the user’s experience by making coils of different resistance, wattage, and material compatible across a wide range of VooPoo products. This means not just Drag vapes but also the other products in VooPoo’s lineup, which means that investing in a Drag Vape also means that you have a chance to find a coil and e-liquid pairing that works for you.

This will let you, then further down the line, upgrade and be satisfied for a very long time.

How Much Is A Drag 2?

The VooPoo Drag 2 kit will cost you about £35, and it will be available at most retailers. Drag 2 is a well sought after model that remains relevant and competent at delivering good power draw and airflow for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vape users!

The Drag 2 comes in a kit with the VooPoo Drag 2 mod and the PnP Pod tank, with PnP standing for “Push-n-pull”, VooPoo’s signature heating coil design. The Gene fit chip powers the device and is powered by two 18650 chipsets. Moreover, purchasing replacement coils for the VooPoo drag 2, which you will have to do, does not cost very much, and the intelligent power draw feature aligns the power output with the coil you slot in.

The Drag 2 delivers, in its cloud chaser mode, an enormous maximum output of 177W, which in terms of wattage per dollar, averages out to be very economical when considering other options available in the market.

For those who enjoy using different coloured vapes, the Drag 2 is also sold in five colours, which are functionally equivalent.

What's The Newest Voopoo Drag?

The newest VooPoo Drag is the VooPoo Drag X Pro mod, which improves the original VooPoo Drag X by adding a boost chip that gives the device 20 extra watts. The VooPoo Drag X Pro also increases the range of compatible replaceable batteries to include the 21700.

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