Simple Ways To Save Money

Published October 21st 2020
Does switching to vaping help you save money? Learn more about quitting smoking and how switching to vaping can be less expensive.

Vaping has come a long way in the short time it has been available as an alternative means for smoking. According to the NHS, PHE and Cancer Research UK, vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Vaping provides smokers with a wide range of nicotine levels and flavours to choose from. Whether you like sweet treats, tobacco flavours, or like fruity flavours more, there's a juice out there that will make your taste buds happy. If you'd like to discover vape flavours make sure to check out the IndeJuice e-liquids page.

The Different Sides of Vaping

One of the biggest concerns many people who are just starting out in vaping will encounter is the overall cost. Vaping devices, or mods as many people call them, can range in price depending on size and power output. While many smokers just want the fastest and best nicotine delivery method, enthusiast vapers often consider themselves either flavour and cloud chasers.

A flavour chaser is a vaper who looks for the best flavour for their tastes. This could mean they are searching for that perfect flavour that matches their favourite homemade apple pies, or they're simply looking for the best chocolate shake vape equivalent on the market.

A cloud chaser, on the other hand, looks for the best mod to produce the largest cloud. Cloud chasers are usually into competitions and such, or just like to do cloud tricks at home.

However, you do not have to worry about flavour chasing or cloud chasing if you are new to vaping. The most important thing is switching to vaping as soon as possible to benefit from the less harmful nature of vaping and the money saved in the process. 

The Expenses of Vaping

One of the largest expenses any vaper will encounter is the initial cost of starting. Buying your first vape is an investment, not just a random splurge of money. Most shops will walk you through the process of choosing what's right for a beginner based on a few facts. Those few facts are how often a person smoked cigarettes, their amount of consumption per pack and how often they smoked, and the number of packs they smoked per day o. This will tell them the right nicotine level to suggest, the right device to suggest that will accommodate their smoking habit, and offer a gameplan for using their vaping device properly. If you are struggling to figure out the correct nicotine level when switching from smoking, be sure to check out our cigarette to nicotine calculator.

Starter kits can actually range between £20 and £60 for the mod itself including replacement parts and charging cord. Some starter kits for smaller pod-based devices can be cheaper, and often include pods to start with. A pod-based device is handy for people who just want nicotine without all the fancy features larger mods provide.


The best affordable starter kit to switch to vaping and start saving money is the UWELL Caliburn. This is the easiest to use starter kit that gives you the advantages of disposable pods whilst using any flavour juice you desire. 

Larger mods, however, do require larger bottled juice products to refill their tanks for use.

Once a person has entered the world of vaping, they will encounter other costs. Here's a quick list of what a person should expect once they've purchased their mod and are ready to start out.

  1. Juice bottles/Pod replacements: Juice can come in a variety of nicotine ranges, from 0mg (no nicotine, just flavour) to 20mg. 
  2. Coils and Cotton for tank/dripper set-ups: Larger mods require a tank or dripper set up to function. Inside these are coils with cotton that absorbs the juice in the tank or dripper. A dripper is simply an exposed coil with cotton strips to absorb the juice, while a tank has a pre-assembled coil with cotton inside of it, that uses the tank itself to absorb juice as you vape. Coils can wear out over time due to the constant heat pushed through them. This means that they need to be replaced occasionally. Drippers will need their cotton replaced more often than tanks will need their coils replaced.
  3. Replacement parts: Just as coils wear down, if you are using a mod then the tank glass can crack or break. Mods can also wear down over time due to constant use. 
  4. Replacement mods: The biggest maintenance cost will be replacing a mod itself. Whether you are upgrading from your current device or just want to replace a faulty one, this will be the most costly upkeep performed to continue vaping.
  5. Batteries/Charging cords: Every vaping device depends on power. Whether that's from a single battery, a series of batteries, or an internal battery that uses a charging cord, a vape device relies on its power source. Replacing the typical 18650 series batteries is fairly cheap unless the mod in question requires more than one battery to use. Mods with internal batteries will most likely require a full mod replacement once their batteries wear out.

Better Shopping Habits

Always remember that the better deal isn't always the better choice. Vapers should always take their time researching devices, juice quality, brands, etc in order to not just save money but also gain the best vaping experience they can achieve. Some juice brands have lower prices, but the taste quality and harshness when vaping can be a drag for the vaper. 

It's also a good idea to try to stock up on juice or pods if at all possible when pricing is good on the product you want. Buying larger juice bottles can seem costly at first but can also save you money in the long run due to the price per ml.


When it comes to vaping, the best way to save money will also be catching sales on the products you like. Keep an eye out for bundles as well, as these often can help save money and provide the vaper with multiple items they may need to keep their vape functioning properly. Shopping online can also be a great boon for saving money, as prices online are much cheaper than those in shops.

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