Which Is Worse PG or VG?

Published August 1st 2022
Are you confused about what VG/PG ratio you should use with your device? Read on for a comparison of the best and worst!

Which Is Worse PG or VG?

Having a high ratio of VG creates a much larger cloud production but, at the same time, may lead you to experience a flavour-block. An e-liquid with an equal amount of PG to VG will have a smaller cloud, but you will experience flavour-deliverance and a better throat hit.

Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is the base of almost all eliquid mixtures; it is a thick liquid derived from vegetable oil and turned into a substance suitable for inhaling.

You can get several different ratios of VG in vape liquid, and the general idea is that if your juice has a high ratio of VG, it will produce more of a cloud. Because you're working with a higher VG percentage, you will have to use a higher wattage device alongside a lower resistance coil.

Things to note when wanting to use a higher VG ratio.

  • Using a device with low wattage will not power enough heat to vaporise the e-liquid. A higher wattage device such as the SMOK T Storm vape kit will be much better suited.
  • Using a high resistance coil will not be able to heat the juice enough to create vapour, causing blockages within your coil, ultimately causing it to stop working.
  • Because of the thickness of the e-liquid, it is not a very good carrier of nicotine, so you cannot get a stronger nicotine deliverance.
  • As the flavourings are also not as well carried in VG, expect the flavour to become more subtle the higher VG you go, although because Vg is naturally sweet, it may work in some people's favour.
  • You can expect big clouds using the correct device and coil with a high VG juice.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is the second main ingredient you will find in vape juice. PG is a synthetic additive which can be found in food, drinks and plenty of day-to-day products. The liquid is of a thinner consistency, colourless and odourless with nearly enough no flavour.

Vape juices are available in various ratios of PG, most commonly, you'll find 50VG/50PG, but it is also prevalent to see ratios such as 60/40, 70/30 and 80/20. It is recommended that people who are using vaping as an aid to quit smoking stick to using a higher ratio of PG as this is what carries the nicotine and will give you the familiar hit.

Things to note when wanting to use a higher PG ratio.

  • You are able to use a standard device such as the Uwell Caliburn, as it doesn't require a high-powered device.
  • You will not be able to produce a large cloud as a high Vg is needed to achieve this.
  • You can expect a good flavour as all flavouring is suspended within PG
  • As with the flavour, nicotine is also suspended within PG as you are able to get a higher nicotine strength.
  • You will need a higher resistance coil to prevent the liquid from burning and ruining your coil.

VG and PG have different roles when using e-liquid, and choosing which ratio is entirely down to personal preference and what you would like to experience when vaping.

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