Top 5 Pod Salt Nicotine Salts

Published December 22nd 2018
Check out the Top 5 Pod Salt Nicotine Salts and find your perfect vape juice for your e-Liquid and e-Juice device.

Pod Salt e-Liquid is one of the UK’s leading nicotine salt manufacturers providing incredible flavours designed to give you instant satisfaction on vape pod devices. Whether you’re just switching from smoking to vaping in an effort to quit smoking or whether you’re a seasoned vape juice professional, Pod Salts will certainly hit the spot and provide instant satisfaction.

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1. Pod Salt — Mango Ice

A ripe mango vape similar to old-school Rubicon beverages, this fruity and rich inhale is perfectly complemented with a cool undertone. The distinction here between menthol and ice — this is most certainly a subtle ice rather than a menthol vape juice. Perfect for those looking for a fruity all-day vape.

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2. Pod Salt — Blue Berg

Unlike the Mango Ice Pod Salt above, this one has a menthol undertone with a burst of fruity flavours. We would compare this to a fruit salad bowl with a dash of mint to keep every inhale of this vape juice fresh and vibrant. This nicotine salt is great for a summer day or for when you’re wrapped up warm in winter by the fireplace!

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3. Pod Salt — Blackcurrant Menthol

Sweet and earthy blackcurrant that some say has hints of passion-passion-fruit and raspberry. Combined with the tangible menthol the tartiness of this complex fruity nicotine salt blends perfectly into the inhale and leaves you with a cool refreshing exhale that keeps you coming back for more. Like all of the Pod Salt vape juices, this is available in 11mg of nicotine and 20mg of nicotine so it’s perfect for switching from smoking then slowly ramping down your nicotine strength.

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4. Pod Salt — Apple

One of the best-selling nicotine salts in the UK, this vape juice replicates a fresh and crunchy green apple as it falls from the branch. The flavour here is consistent with the flesh of a juicy green apple rather than the earthy skin. If you’re tired of vaping the same sort of flavours over and over again or suffering from vaper’s tongue, then this is the perfect vape juice to break in your tongue’s taste buds and get you back on track to tasting all the glorious flavours intended!

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5. Pod Salt — Ice Menthol

This is for those who can’t get enough of the coolness of icy nicotine salts but also want a slight fresh mint taste on the tongue when the vape break is over and you’re ready to get back to work! If you’ve been on menthol cigarettes for a while, then this is also a great first introduction to the vape juice world as the blast of coolness and high nicotine content will keep your brain occupied and keep you well away from the temptation to move backwards.

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Pod Salt Nic salts are available in 5mg, 11mg and 20mg to satisfy those cravings. You can shop all Pod Salt Nic Salts now to see their full range. 

Written by IndeJuice Editorial
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