Top 5 IVG Vape E Liquids

Published November 28th 2018
A review of the top 5 vape juices from IVG, one of our leading IndeJuice Prime Partners.

Formed in 2016 with an estimated turnover last year of £15 million, IVG eJuices has become a household name in over 60 countries and across 6 continents.

As one of our leading IndeJuice Prime Partners, you can enjoy the world’s best e Liquids, including IVG Vape, with Unlimited Free 1 Day Delivery with your 1 month FREE Trial of IndePlus. Cancel Anytime. No Hidden Fees. If you’re unsure where to start with the IVG range, here are some of our favourites to get things going!

1. IVG Select — Bubblegum

This is the classic fan favourite known all over the world. Bubblegum in the IVG shortfill Select range is a candy bubblegum with a cooling and refreshing sensation as you work through the inhale and exhale. There is quite simply no other cool candy bubblegum that comes close to this particular eJuice.

The real game-changer with this one is the aftertaste. Even when you’ve put this gorgeously colourful 60ml bottle down, your tastebuds continue to tingle with that beautifully sweet bubblegum flavour.

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2. IVG Pops — Caramel Lollipop

It is rare that you find a caramel that is so rich in flavour but yet so smooth that you consider it an all-day vape. But in this case, the IVG shortfill E-Liquids Pops range has hit the nail on the head.

On the inhale, you get a dense caramel flavour that is not overbearingly sweet but is rather quite moreish. In that sense, the caramel alone is a full-bodied dessert flavour — however, the sweetness comes directly from the lollipop. This does not taste like an American candy — rather, this is a quintessentially British take on a classic childhood favourite.

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3. IVG After Dinner — Apple Berry Crumble

For all you dessert vape lovers, hold onto your horses. The IVG After Dinner shortfill e-liquid range is here.

This is a perfect combination of a baked fruity e-Liquid that has been taken straight out of the oven. It’s almost as though you are biting into the crusty flakes of a freshly baked apple berry pie that has been left to cool to form a crusty outer layer.

The apple is a solid high-pitched fruit flavour that attaches to the wonderfully smooth berry undertone and takes you on a journey while you inhale until you hit this wonderfully wholesome exhale that cuddles your tongue in sheets of pastry.

If you like baked fruity dessert flavours, you need to look any further, as this is the ideal post-meal vape to get all that warming satisfaction without any silly calories!

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4. IVG Salt — Kiwi Lemon Kool

If you’re switching from smoking to vaping and still trying to find your flavour, the IVG Salt range is a great place to start coming in at a perfect 20mg 10ml bottle with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. This means that the flavourings have had a chance to settle into the friendly PG, while the abundant VG gives you the familiar feeling of instant satisfaction — especially after a meal.

There is no better place to begin the pod salts journey than the multi-award-winning Kiwi Lemon Kool. Many vapers think that kiwi-based eJuice usually tastes similar to a mixup of strawberry, banana and pineapple — and that’s a great thing!

This Kiwi Lemon Kool by IVG is the perfect cooling vape for those that love citrus fruit flavours. The lemon is delightful and is complemented by the perfectly balanced coolness. Again, this is not a menthol-based vape and the coolness really does carry the fruit flavours on the exhale, leaving all the room in the world for your tongue to be immersed in the complexity of the Kiwi.

Even though you’ll know that you’re vaping a kiwi flavour e-Liquid, you’ll be left smacking your lips together, trying to figure out the exact combination of flavours! Check out the full range of IVG Nic salts, available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths.

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5. Team 120 — Fantasy Lemon

Even though this is part of Team 120 shortfill range, this eJuice, along with all other Team 120 eLiquids, are actually manufactured by IVG. This means the same incredible mixology in a higher value-for-money bottle at 120ml. On that note, this one was too good to leave out!

This fizzy lemonade, combined with the coil friendliness of pure VG/PG, is a flavour that astonishes everyone who tries it. This is not a ripened lemon whatsoever. This is a pure fizzy beverage, almost to the point where you will want to put it in the fridge and serve it chilled.

Having said that, it is not often that you’ll find a fizzy lemonade-based eJuice that is not combined with a cooling sensation. But that is exactly what this is. Why is that important? Well, the reason is that by leaving out the cooling inhale, this Fantasy Lemon is a perfect all-day vape.

It is a full-bodied beverage vape with a fizzy counterpart that would convince you that the bottle has been carbonated. Again, the classic IVG signature is to leave a beautiful aftertaste of a perfectly balanced citrus beverage in your mouth that will make you reach for the bottle all day and never get tired of it. It is our favourite fizzy lemonade around the office and we know it will be yours too!

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