Lik Juice Review

Published April 30th 2019
Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Lik Juice’s Drip Dab, Raspberry Dripple and Jelly Berry e-Liquids – the three vape juices that make up the fantastic Lik Juice vape range.

Who are Lik Juice?

Lik Juice e Liquid are a phenomenal juice brand specialised in creating the best vape juice that keeps your taste buds refreshed with every exhale. In this Lik Juice review, we're taking a closer look at why that is!

Lik Juice Drip Dab

This flavour is an extraordinary lemon sherbet with a robust sweet lollipop centre. The inhale is a tangy lemon with a slightly sweet overtone carrying all the way through. On the exhale you achieve a tarty and fresh lemon flavour with an extremely smooth and thick creamy texture on the Lik Juice Drip Dab 50ml 80VG short-fill.

The 50/50 Drip Dab nicotine salt provides the same sherbet flavour with less of the creaminess on the exhale. It is extremely friendly on pod systems and is a fantastic way to break in new pods.

The refreshing nature of this vape juice will keep you cool in the summer or provide the perfect sweet treat after a meal.

Drip Dab by Lik Juice
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Lik Juice Raspberry Dribble

Described as a a deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream with copious amounts of raspberry sauce, this e-Juice by Lik Juice is a fantastic representation of the traditional flake you get from an ice cream van.

There is an initial intense fruity raspberry on the inhale that is unlocked within the first couple of seconds of the vape. As you exhale you are slowly taken away from the raspberry sauce and enter into the sweet vanilla ice cream that ends up coating your mouth and leaves a wonderful aftertaste.

This is a rare e-Liquid that has a split personality. It is a great fruity flavour for the summer days but is also undeniably a wholesome dessert flavour great for winding down an evening or for a midday pickup.

Raspberry Dripple by Lik Juice
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Lik Juice Jelly Berry

Jelly Berry is a fresh and fruity strawberry flavour with compliments of forest fruits. It reminds us of a sweet strawberry jelly with a short aftertaste that satisfies your sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for a fantastic red berry juice that is friendly on either coils or pods, you can pick this up in a standard 50ml short-fill at 80VG or a thinner 50VG if you opt for the 5MG, 10MG or 18MG Lik Juice nicotine salt.

The Jelly Berry nicotine salt certainly contains more of the high-pitched strawberry flavours and less of the full bodied forest berries that ends up being far more effective on a smaller pod device.

Jelly Berry by Lik Juice
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