Is VG Smoother?

Published August 1st 2022
Is Vegetable Glycerin smoother than PG? Let's take a closer look at these key vape ingredients.

Is VG Smoother?

Vegetable glycerine (VG) is much smoother than Propylene glycol (PG) as it produced thicker and more dense clouds when vaped.

You can expect a much smoother hit when using a higher VG ratio eliquid, as this is much thicker and doesn't carry as much nicotine or flavourings.

There are several pros which come associated with using a high VG ratio e-liquid;

  • Much smoother inhale
  • Bigger cloud
  • Lower nicotine levels
  • It can be used with more powerful devices
  • Sweeter creamer flavour, good for dessert flavoured juices

There are also some cons of using a higher VG ratio;

  • Less flavour in each inhale
  • Only lower nicotine strengths are possible
  • Not practical for people who prefer a more discrete cloud
  • It can be too sweet for classic tobacco flavours
  • More power is needed to heat the juice
  • Less similar to smoking cigarettes
  • Because of the thickness of the liquid, it may be more susceptible to clogging up the coil.

If you have an e-liquid with a higher propylene glycol percentage or a 50/50 ratio, you can expect more optimum nicotine and flavour delivery, and a stronger throat hit.

The pros associated with PG are;

  • A higher nicotine output
  • Stronger flavours
  • Similar to the feeling when inhaling cigarettes
  • Discrete cloud production
  • Less chance of clogging the coil
  • Less power is needed to heat the juice

Depending on the result you want from your e-liquid, there may be some cons;

  • Harsher throat hit
  • Small cloud production
  • Higher nicotine levels
  • Thinner liquid leading which can lead to more of a leaking issue

Does High VG Juice Burn Coils?

E-liquids containing a higher VG content such as 70%+ may cause problems for your coil and cause wicking issues, ultimately leading you to needing to replace your coils more often.

A lower coil resistance should be used alongside a high VG ratio as you require more heat to create a vapour because it is a thicker liquid. Using a coil with a higher resistance with a high percentage of VG can cause the coil to work too hard to heat the liquid enough to produce vapour, ultimately burning out the coil quicker.

Another problem when using the wrong coil is that the wick, usually made from cotton, is not suited for a higher VG. If your wick isn't the correct type, it can cause problems such as a dry hit. If you're taking several puffs from your vape, the wick may not have enough time to saturate, leading it to produce a dry hit; a dry hit is when there isn't enough juice to produce vapour, creating a burning harsh inhale.

To conclude, if you want to use a higher vegetable glycerine such as 70VG/30PG, it is recommended to make sure you are using the correct coil resistance to ensure smooth vapour production.

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