How Do You Smoke E-Juice?

Published August 26th 2022
Is vapour produced from e-juice the same as smoke? Learn more with this interesting vape juice guide.

How Do You Smoke E-Juice?

To Vape E-juice, you will need to get your hands on a vaping device. The vape will vaporise your e-liquid so you can inhale the nicotine and flavourings and then exhale.

Vapes come in different designs but are made up of the same sum parts. Each one comes with a battery, commonly known as a vape mod, which provides power for a heat source typically called a coil, which makes the e-juice vapour in a little chamber called an atomiser. Vapers then inhale this vape. 

Unless you get a prefilled kit, you will need to fill these vape kits with vape juice flavors on your own. Choose the e-juice most suitable for your vape kit type, as different e-juices deliver different experiences depending on the power of these devices. 

There are two key methods to vaping e-juice.

First, the mouth-to-lung method works a charm with smaller vapes with higher resistance coils together with e-liquid containing higher nicotine levels and an equal amount of VG and PG. This kind of vape creates low amounts of vapour and mimics the act of smoking, and it is a simple technique that most smokers use. 

The second is the direct lung hit, which works best with bigger vapes containing coils with lower resistance, low nicotine, and a higher VG percentage. This is a method typically used by people wanting to experience sub-ohm.

Can You Smoke Vape Liquid? 

Vape e-liquid is made to be vaporised, so it is not technically smoke as you are simply evaporating a liquid, not burning it.

To vaporise e-liquid, you will need a vaping device which uses a coil that draws powers from the battery that then heats up a wick soaked in vape juice. Unlike a cigarette which you burn to create smoke which you then inhale.

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