Dinner Lady Top 10 E-Liquids Of 2021

Published April 5th 2021
Read our top 10 list of Dinner Lady e-liquids to get a better understanding of the Dinner Lady flavour range and where to start.

Dinner Lady E-Liquid is an award-winning premium brand and is considered one of the top 10 e-liquid brands due to its iconic and popular flavours. 

Dinner Lady was established in 2016 and currently has a full range of beautifully crafted flavours ranging from blended desserts, sweets, fruits and ice. 

So, let's get started with the Top 10 Dinner Lady E-Liquids! 

1. Lemon Tart

Only a handful of e-liquids can claim to have such a profound reputation as Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart.

Originating from the dessert we all know and love, Lemon Tart has won countless awards for "Best Dessert Flavour" over the years.

This flavour is for everyone with a sweet tooth. On the inhale, you get a sharp lemon curd alongside a subtle note of creamy meringue. A butter paste on the exhale then follows this.

Due to its popularity, we are happy to inform you that Lemon Tart is available in a 50ml shortfill, 10ml TPD 50-50 and in a 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Review for Lemon Tart Shortfill: Always go back to this one, others out there similar but something about lemon tart that just hits the spot, 9 thumbs up!  Adam J. • Verified Purchase • Nov 30th 2020

2. Watermelon Slices

Watermelon Slices is part of Dinner Lady's sweets range, inspired by the ‘Pick N Mix’ classic. 

This wonderful flavour consists of refreshing watermelon with a sweet fizzy twist. The iced version is also one of the smoothest we've tasted, and we certainly recommend it for a hot day. 

You will get a refreshing watermelon flavour on the inhale, followed by a burst of sour candy on the exhale resulting in a truly distinct flavour.

Watermelon Slices is available in a 50ml shortfill10ml TPD 50-50 and 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Reviews for Watermelon Slices Shortfill: “One of the best watermelon flavours. Nice, crisp and easy to vape” Kostas K. • Verified Purchase • Feb 29th 2020

3. Cola Shades

Cola Shades is part of Dinner Lady's smooth ice range. 

Inspired by the classic cola beverage, Cola Shades makes you feel like you're kicking back on a hot summers day. 

The cola flavour provides a sweet fizzy base complemented by subtle notes of lemon served on cool ice to create a gorgeously balanced e-liquid. The exhale gives you that rich yet refreshing cola flavour that is soothed with lemon and ice twist.  

Cola Shades is available in 50ml shortfill with Free Nicotine Shot.

Recent Customer Review for Cola Shades: “One of the best cola flavours I have ever tried. It tastes exactly like the 1p cola bottles we use to get back in the day.” Jay A. • Verified Purchase • May 15th 2020

4. Caramel Tobacco

Caramel Tobacco is part of Dinner Lady's tobacco range.

A luxuriously blended tobacco flavour, this Caramel Tobacco is a mix of strong, sturdy flavours blended with soft sweet notes giving you maximum flavour. 

This blend contains caramel, vanilla and honey combined with a tobacco base that is most noticeable on the exhale. 

For those who find hero tobacco flavours just a bit too strong, this blend will certainly fulfil tobacco cravings without overpowering your senses due to the sweet hints of caramel that soothe the flavour. 

Caramel Tobacco is available in a 50ml shortfill10ml TPD 50-50 and 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Review for Caramel Tobacco: “Since I was a former smoker, I always find myself attracted to juices like these, a luxurious tobacco taste with a hint of delicious caramel. All-day vape” Ehab A. • Verified Purchase • Dec 9th 2020

5. Berry Blast

Berry Blast is part of Dinner Lady's fruits range.

This outstanding flavour is a fabulous sweet explosion of fruits with a bit of tang from the cherry and raspberry mixture.

As one of our staff favourites, we believe that this is a perfect all day vape for those that want all the benefits of fruity flavours without any overpowering sweet notes. 

Berry Blast is available in a 50ml shortfill and a 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Reviews for Berry Blast Nic Salt: “All day vape for me. Deep fruity flavour.” Robin M. • Verified Purchase • Aug 6th 2020

6. Purple Rain

Purple Rain is a part of Dinner Lady's fruits range. 

This incredible flavour combines raspberries, blueberries and lemon, resulting in a beautiful concoction of fusion rich, dark flavours that tingle the senses.

On the inhale, you will experience a rich and full in flavour tangy berry that is complimented by a fresh taste of zesty lemons and sweet raspberries, resulting in a truly fruity experience.

The exhale is equally beautiful, leaving a subtle aftertaste that reflects the smooth and clean zest contained within the bottle.

Purple Rain is available in a 50ml shortfill and a 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Reviews for Purple Rain Nic Salt: “Another winner from Dinner Lady, really fresh tasting raspberry flavour which is lovely, but doesn’t overpower the blueberry or lemon. Definitely an ADV.” Lucy W. • Verified Purchase • Apr 9th 2020

7. Strawberry Macaroon

Strawberry Macaroon is part of Dinner Lady's desserts range and is a must for all who enjoy baked dessert flavours. 

This flavour delicately combines an almond and creamy coconut meringue as the base of the e-liquid, which is infused with sweet and juicy strawberries to leave your taste buds tingling. 

This dessert range has become a favourite for Dinner Lady fans by perfectly blending the right amount of sweetness with cream to fulfil your sweet tooth cravings.

Strawberry Macaroon is available in 50ml shortfill10ml TPD 50-50 and 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Reviews for Strawberry Macaroon Shortfill: "Another classic from Dinner Lady. Sweet, authentic flavour and a safe bet if you like your baked dessert flavoured e-liquid."   Phil D. • Verified Purchase • Aug 17th 2020 

8. Sweet Fusion

Sweet Fusion is part of Dinner Lady's sweets range. This flavour is an alluring mixture of juicy, chewy candy and sweet mixed fruits. 

This multicoloured sweet sensation will excite your taste buds with beautifully fused berries, fruits and sweets for a great all day vape. 

You will get the intense fruity flavours of strawberry and lime on the inhale, followed by sharp sugary notes on the exhale. 

Dinner Lady Sweet Fusion is available in a 50ml shortfill, giving you a beautifully balanced 70VG/30PG.

Recent Customer Review for Sweet Fusion: “This was nice, and a lovely flavour would buy this again” Ross H. • Verified Purchase • Nov 21st 2020

9. Cherry Menthol

Cherry Menthol, part of Dinner Lady's menthol range, has become a best seller.

This e-liquid guarantees satisfaction, providing you with sweet, sharp notes. This flavour uses flavoursome sweet cherries as a base alongside a cool and icy menthol on the finish. 

Cherry Menthol is available in 10ml TPD 50-50 and 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Review for Cherry Menthol: “Amazing cherry and menthol mix, menthol is not too strong and can taste the sweet cherry” Markas K. • Verified Purchase • Aug 13th 2020

10. Bubblegum

Bubblegum is Dinner Lady's take on the classic bubblegum flavour. 

It’s safe to say that Dinner Lady knows how to deliver realistic flavours using the highest quality ingredients. This bubblegum flavour is a perfect example of this. 

This authentic flavour will take you back, with flavours identical to the bubblegum we all know and love. 

You experience colourful notes such as banana and strawberry on the inhale followed by a surge of juicy fruits on the exhale. This is a keen twist on the classic flavour that many vapers have come to love.

Bubblegum is available in 10ml TPD 50-50 and 10mg or 20mg nicotine salt.

Recent Customer Reviews for Bubblegum Nic Salt: “Loving Dinner Lady at the moment, this is a very nice taste not too sweet but great flavour on exhale.” Tegan R. • Verified Purchase • Mar 8th 2021

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