Crunchies E Liquid UK

Published May 4th 2019
In this article we will take a look at the Crunchies E Liquid UK vape juice and how it stands head and shoulders above other biscuit flavoured e-Juice.

Crunchies e Liquid UK is manufactured by ADV Distro who are the official UK distributors of this incredible range. Let’s take a closer look.

Dat Blue Stuff by Dr Vapes

Crunchies Pink Wafer

A smooth and creamy vanilla e-Juice held together by a wholesome, crispy and light wafer aftertaste. This fantastic e-Liquid is best complemented with a cup of tea in the morning or straight after lunch when you are looking for a light dessert flavoured e-Juice to get you back into the swing of things.

Our customers always say it best:

"Oh my lord. This tastes exactly like a Pink Wafer biscuit! It's so satisfying I love it!" Laura E. Dec 17th 2018
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Crunchies e Liquid Custard Cream

This vape juice sets the bar for custard cream biscuit flavours. Crafted to perfection, the smooth vanilla inhale is light and refreshing and leads to the perfect surprise. As you exhale you receive a thick sugary cream with a smooth texture throughout.

An absolute crowd pleaser and one that is so close to its namesake that you will have no need to pick up a custard cream biscuit for much longer.

With a matte yellow bottle finish, this superb and popular vape juice gives you exactly what it says on the bottle yet leaves way more than enough toom for surprises.

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Crunchies e Liquid Choco Bourbon

Let's face it. We've all vaped a chocolate based vape juice that sucks. The simple reason behind that is because the chocolate concentrate is extremely difficult to get right due to the complex and rich flavours that mixologists try to represent in their work.

However, by filtering the chocolate flacour through the biscuit base, Crunchies e-Liquid have managed to achieve the incredibly high aim they were reaching for.

On the inhale you taste a smooth, buttery and milky chocolate flavour that sits on your tongue. It is a wonderfully sweet taste that leaves you mesmerised by its ability to capture a true representation of chocolate without overpowering the senses.

The real reason behind this perfect chocolate flavour though is the rugged biscuit texture that gives pockets of air for the chocolate to breathe. On the exhale you certainly feel this juice come together as you visualise the layers of this traditional British biscuit come together.

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Crunchies e Liquid Ginger Snapz

Almost all customers that run into this vape juice have no idea what to expect. Most vapers think that they will be greeted with a sharp ginger tone that will cast shadows on any other flavours remaining. However, this is far from the beautiful truth.

Just as with the Crunchies e Liquid flavours mentioned above, this exceptional e-Liquid has a beautiful biscuit base that keeps the e-Juice grounded and soft.

On the inhale you taste a fresh and smooth ginger flavour without any acidity or sharpness whatsoever. You are then given the pleasure of an incredibly wholesome and thick biscuit layer that coasts the ginger leaving just enough spice to allow you to vape this all day long.

Just as with the Choco Bourbon, Crunchies e-Liquid have stepped out of the status quo to deliver something that tastes exactly as it says on the bottle. On all of these occasions they have succeeded with a brilliant symphony of flavours that are a true testament to our most loved biscuits.

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