Selling your e-Juice on IndeJuice is straightforward and 100% self-service.

Whether you are an independent brand or a global manufacturer, IndeJuice is built from the ground up to provide you with the tools you need to access new markets and reach thousands of vapers. You can be up and running within a couple of minutes with the simple 5 step process below.
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1 Register your IndeJuice seller account
You can sign up to IndeJuice as a Prime seller.
Prime® Seller
Your juices are stored in our fulfilment centres and are eligible for Unlimited FREE One-Day Delivery. When you receive an order, we will pick, pack & deliver your juices on your behalf.
Create Seller Account
2 Upload your listings
Once you’ve registered you will be able to add your entire vape juice catalogue via our unique 'Add Product' form. This has been specifically designed for manufacturers to ease the process of uploading new e-Juices.
If you choose to sell via IndeJuice Prime, you will also be able to let us know what you will be delivering to our fulfilment centres through the 'Stock Replenishment' form in your seller dashboard.
3 Customers see and buy your e-Liquids
By selling directly to customers through IndeJuice, you can reach thousands of potential customers every day. If you choose to sell via IndeJuice Prime, your products will also be eligible for Unlimited FREE One-Day Delivery and increase the likelihood of conversions.
4 Deliver your products to the customer
When a customer places an order for one of your products, IndeJuice notifies you by email as well as in your Seller Dashboard. If you have chosen to sell via IndeJuice Prime, we will take care of fulfilling your order ourselves on your behalf.
5 Receive your payment
You will receive regular payment for the balance of your orders on a monthly basis. Payments will be deposited into your designated bank account which you can specify in your Seller Dashboard.
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