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You're holding your secret eJuice, you've spent weeks steeping it, you've tested it on your dripper and now it's time for the world to share in the experience. Congratulations and welcome to IndeJuice.

Become a Seller

Click here to register with us – make sure you tick the box “Apply as a vendor”. If you already have a customer account you’re half way there – you will not need to re-register as a seller. You will just need to click here and tick the box.

Go through the 2 minute registration process and you will then be able to share your juice with the world!

How to add products

Once you have signed up, navigate to your dashboard. Hit the “Add Product” button.

Fill in all of the relevant information and add a picture under “Featured Image”. This is the only place you need to add photos.

The most crucial part of adding the product is at the bottom of the page. You will find 6 tabs. The most important two are “Attributes” and “Variations”.

  1. Go to the “Volume, VG/PG, Nicotine” tab.
    • Select “Nicotine” (or “Nicotine Shot”) from the drop down menu and click “Add”.
    • If you are providing a Nicotine Shot as an add-on product, then also select “Nicotine Shot” from the drop down menu and click “Add”.
    • Then select “Total Volume” from the drop down and click “Add”.
    • Then select “VG/PG” from the drop down and click “Add”
    • Click the arrow for each addition you have made above.
    • Make sure “Visible on the product page” is ticked for all of the above.
    • Add the different variations of nicotine, total volume and VG/PG you are offering.
    • If you are supplying a nicotine shot, specify which type.
    • Tick “Used for variations” for Total Volume and Overall Nicotine.
  2. Next, click on the “Prices and Variations” tab.
    • Click on the drop down menu and select “Add a Variation”
    • Then hit “GO”
    • You will then be able to add a separate price for each variation of product you would like to create.
    • e.g. You will be able to sell 30ml and 100ml of the same juice at different prices without having to add them as separate products.

A number of variations will then be created according to your attribute selections. You should then click on the downward arrow for each variation and insert the price for each of them individually. You do not need to re-add your featured image for each variation.

If you have previously ticked “Manage Stock” on the “Inventory” tab , then you will control the stock of each variation of your juice separately. For example, this allows you to put 5ml juice out of stock while keeping 10ml juice in stock.

Please contact us for any further guidance – we are always willing to help! Once you’ve done this process once, it becomes extremely easy and intuitive!

How to Disable “Local Pickup”

Local Pickup is switched on for all products by default. If you would like to disable it for a particular product do the following while adding/editing the product:

  1. Navigate to the “Shipping” tab at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the “Shipping Class” drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Disable Local Pickup for This Product”.
  4. Save your changes.

You have now disabled Local Pickup for that particular product. You must do this for each product that you wish to exclude from Local Pickup.

Founding Seller Commission (Limited Spots)

Below describes the commission that you take home after all expenses have been paid. We have tried to make this as simple as possible. Where cash on delivery has been selected, you take home 100%. We do not add a debt to your account. Where online payment gateways are used (always the preferred method for safety and security) there is a 10% charge – largely as a result of the expenses stemming directly from the online payment gateways such as paypal.

Payment MethodFee (GBP) You take home
All Online Payment Methods10%90%
Cash on Delivery0%100%

When sellers are paid

If the customer chooses to purchase through online payment, we will forward the sale proceeds to you once you have marked the item shipped. We believe that this is when the seller’s legal obligations come to an end as they have done everything in their power to send the goods as ordered. The obligation then moves to the postage company to ensure delivery of the product.

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