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New Customers

Gain access to thousands of IndeJuice customers.

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You'll take home 90% of your sales revenue.

Exclusive Deals

Gain maximum exposure by running IndeJuice exclusive deals that we'll help promote.

IndeJuice ///PRIME

We're revolutionising the way you sell eJuice online.

IndeJuice Prime allows eJuice companies to increase their margin anywhere from 30-120% when compared to the traditional wholesale model without changing your current business behaviours.


At the same time, we are able to offer customers unlimited FREE delivery on your entire range of eJuices - dramatically increasing average spend and eliminating abandoned carts due to delivery costs.


IndeJuice Prime also provides monthly samples to IndeJuice Prime customers. All samples are 10ml 0mg and are highly targeted to a customer's flavour profile which are able to predict with an extremely high degree of certainty. This eliminates the feeling of "buying eJuice blind online" that almost all customers face and leads to low conversion rates.


If you could like to get your eJuices onto IndeJuice Prime please email us at prime@indejuice.com


Please note that while we are certainly able to onboard eJuice companies onto IndeJuice Prime to allow customers to benefit from unlimited FREE delivery on your eJuices, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to include your 10ml samples in our sample boxes at this time due to the extremely high demand to get into the samples boxes.


However, we want to be fair and extremely accommodating to all sellers so we are happy to discuss this on a case by case basis. 

IndeJuice Marketplace

Step 1 - Register as a Seller

Head over to our registration page to get your account set up. This gives us all the basic information we need to set up your seller profile. This takes less than 2 minutes and all you will need is your:


1. Store Name;


2. Store Description; and


3. PayPal address where we will send your sale proceeds.

Step 2 - Ensure your delivery costs are set up

Time it takes: Under 1 minute 

Once you're logged into your seller dashboard, navigate to the "Shipping" tab to set up your delivery cost and threshold for free delivery.

Step 3 - Get your catalouge online

Time it takes: Under 1 minute per eJuice

Once you're logged into your seller dashboard, you can easily create new products and get selling right away. Just navigate to the "Products" tab and hit "Add a new product".

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