Nothing better than some free juice.

Let's get your rewards started.

£5 for you, £5 for a friend

Invite a friend to try IndeJuice and they'll get £5 off their first order and you'll get £5 towards your next order.


Just let them know to use your invite code as a coupon at checkout.

We're always adding new ways to reward customers.


£10 for your first 10 eJuice reviews.

We want all customers to experience the benefit of communutiy reviews. That's why we're making it our priority to encourage customer feedback while thanking you for getting involved.


Oh by the way, once you've cracked your first 10 reviews, we'll keep giving you 50p per review for each and every review thereafter.

IndeJuice Reward Points

The industry's definitive points system.

While the awards listed above are constantly changing, one thing that has never changed is our long established reward points system.


You gain IndeJuice Reward Points on every purchase you make - regardless of who the seller is. You can use your reward points at any time towards any future purchase with any of our sellers at checkout.


It's how its always been and how it always will be.

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