What Is A Shortfill?

A shortfill is not a way for manufacturers and retailers to shorten the amount of e-juice in larger bottles to trick the customers. The reduced volume may make it seem as if the seller has mistakenly not filled the container, but they intentionally leave the liquid slightly lower than necessary for a very specific reason. Not all vape customers may require a shortfill, but it does offer benefits for many people.

What is a Shortfill?

A shortfill is a response from the vape industry to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) enacted in 2014. The legislation created new rules specifically for e-cigarettes and their refills. The regulations controlling the sales of e-liquids took effect in May 2016. The TPD made it illegal to sell any e-liquid that contained nicotine in refill containers larger than 10ml. The result of the law was that vaping customers needed to buy more refills to get the amount they wanted and often spend more money on the same amount they bought before.

A shortfill follows the law and gives individuals the products they want more affordably and conveniently. The bottles made as shortfills are exactly as they sound, the e-liquid inside comes short of reaching the top. The gap allows people to add the amount of nicotine they want to the bottle. Most shortfill containers are 50ml in a 60ml bottle. The gap allows enough space for two nicotine shots. Since shortfills contain no nicotine, the bottle can legally come in as large a size as the manufacturer wants.

What are the Benefits?

Larger bottles offer more convenience for everyone because they have more of the product in a single container. It is easier for many people to bring one larger bottle with them when going out than to carry multiple bottles of the same liquid. The vaper only needs to add the desired amount of nicotine to the container when at home, and it is ready for travel.

Shortfills always come nicotine-free, and they are available in many flavors. Vape users can have total control over the amount of nicotine they consume. The newfound freedom enables those who want to end their smoking addiction to wean themselves gradually from their nicotine consumption and continue to enjoy vaping afterward.

Another benefit is the cost of the product. The larger bottles, even when factoring in the nicotine's cost per shot, still typically costs customers less per millilitre than what they would pay for the smaller e-liquid bottles that have nicotine added. The savings add up even faster for those that forgo the nicotine shots because nicotine-free e-liquids have a much lower retail cost.

How Does it Work?

Vape juice in 3mg-strength is the most common concentration of nicotine in retail e-liquid containers. To reproduce the same strength, people should add a single 18mg or 20mg nicotine shot to 50ml of e-liquid. The 50ml comes in a 60ml shortfill bottle to make this task easy to accomplish.

The vaper never has to feel as if someone has control over the amount of nicotine they add. Nicotine shots make it simple to include as much or as little as the individual wants. The bottle design allows up to two nicotine Shots for a 6mg vape experience. There are now more potent nicotine shots also available. Nicotine salt shots that come in a 10ml bottle at 18mg of nicotine strength still produce 3mg strength of e-liquid, but the salt blend allows the nicotine to absorb faster and helps to soothe the throat.

How is it Used?

A little pre-planning will give people the best experience with their shortfill e-juice. To use the shots, the vaper opens the shortfill bottle and pours in the nicotine shot. Recap the e-liquid bottle and shake vigorously. The user can then use the liquid to fill their tank and vape. Those that want to can allow the bottle to sit for about 24 hours before use. During the waiting period, regular shaking of the container allows the two liquids to mix better and binds the compounds. A better tasting liquid requires the vaper to remove the cap at the end of the first 24-hour wait time and allow the bottle to sit for another 24-48 hours. Whatever works best for the individual is the right way to use a shortfill.

According to studies on e-cigarette consumers, the average person vapes about 10ml of e-juice per day. The government based the regulations that formed the TPD on the findings of these studies. Most people that buy a 50ml shortfill and add nicotine shots to the liquid will have the bottle in their possession for several days. The contents of the bottle can settle over time, so most manufacturers and sellers suggest that vape customers shake the liquid a few times each day to keep the e-juice and the nicotine evenly distributed.

Are There Any Concerns?

It is entirely legal to buy and sell nicotine shots. People can add as much nicotine to their e-liquids as they would like for personal use, breaking no laws. Do not, however, vape nicotine shots without mixing them with an e-juice. Straight nicotine can cause illness and potentially lead to an overdose. Excessive nicotine can cause people to feel nauseated, dizzy, and have a high heart rate and elevated blood pressure. Overdoses rarely occur because the body does not absorb all the nicotine in the products people smoke and vape. Despite the rarity of the event, it is still advisable to be cautious. Keep all nicotine shots away from children because their lower body weight makes them more susceptible to a potentially fatal overdose.

Shortfills work well for any e-cigarette consumer that wants their hit of nicotine and tires of needing to buy and store several bottles of e-juice each week. The convenience of creating a custom blend also meets the needs of anyone who wants to reduce slowly, and eventually stop, their nicotine intake. As a nicotine-free product, it is a convenient way for non-smokers to bulk-buy less expensive vape liquid for their vaping use.

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