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The online orange juice market is exceptionally huge. But why are people still paying the equivalent of £16 for only 30ml?! And how did we come to that sum? And what is the solution?

Orange juice, as you can probably guess, is the juice squeezed from the popular and delicious citrus fruit, oranges. It is widely considered one of the healthiest beverages because of its wide range of health benefits, which include its ability to boost immune system function, reduce signs of aging, protect against cancer, boost cellular repair and metabolism, detoxify the body, improve circulation, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and lowers cholesterol levels.

Oranges have been a staple of eating healthy for thousands of years, and the fruit probably originated somewhere in Southeast Asia. Historical records of oranges date back as far as China, more than 4,500 years ago. It is one of the most popular citrus fruits, and its scientific name is Citrus sinensis. There are a number of different orange varieties, but this is the sweet orange, the most popular and commonly eaten variety. This provides some of the most delicious types of orange juice, although there are some people who prefer the juice from blood oranges, mandarin oranges, or even bitter oranges.

The solution?

It’s simple!

Their produce is grown on our farm and brought fresh into the juicery for pressing and bottling. Where seasonality or climate limits, they have well established relationships with growers who ensure we have the highest quality, fresh produce twelve months of the year.

They operate on an ‘Own-Grown or Known-Grown’ philosophy. Produce traceability is extremely important to them.

What makes B-Fresh different

Provenance is the cornerstone of their business and what sets them apart from other cold pressed juices. They have had years of experience growing and procuring high quality produce, this is reflected in the high quality juice they are making fresh in Shropshire.

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