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Published March 28th 2019
With thousands of e-Juice brands on the market and many more yet to come, it can certainly feel overwhelming when trying to find your perfect fit. But fear not, today we will be reviewing where to buy vape juice in order to ensure value for money, speed and most importantly, safety.
where to buy

5. Stay Away from Classifieds

The primary reason we would recommend staying away from second-hand websites is because generally speaking, there is too large a gap and risk between the quality of the e-Liquid delivered when compared to the amount saved. This is not to say that there aren’t great sellers on eBay or similar sites – there certainly are – but with the vast amount of overseas sellers disguised as being based in the United Kingdom, there is simply no efficient way for eBay to regulate or organise the juices available on their platform.

You can find out more about the prevalence of foreign sellers attempting to ‘dodge the UK filter’ in this discussion on eBay’s community forum.

The desire to minimise risk is illustrated most clearly by deciding to switch from smoking to vaping in the first place. For us, the risk posed by picking up juice from classifieds or second-hand websites greatly outweigh the benefits. In fact, the same and even greater cost savings can be gained from the majority of the routes we will discuss below with not nearly as much risk.

4. Facebook

If you dig deep enough into the Facebook rabbit hole, you will eventually stumble upon an overwhelming multitude of private groups that sell reasonable quality juice at equally reasonable prices. Stay active in these groups for long enough and every now and then, you will find yourself a couple of hidden gems that pride themselves on quality and provide some seriously good e-Juice at remarkable prices. Combine these discoveries with a couple of vouches from your close and you could be on for a winner.

Payment for your chosen liquid is then most often made to a designated PayPal account after an order is taken via the group’s admin. This will also include your delivery charge which is around £4.50 on average. Please note that we are providing this route for information purposes only and we are not in any way promoting the idea of transferring money via PayPal addresses you may find in Facebook groups.

We should also note that as Facebook is an American company, they are obliged to operate within the guidelines of US law regardless of the jurisdiction of the Facebook group itself. As widely reported, the FDA has taken an extreme and prejudicial approach to vaping and so, Facebook has already been seen to have shut down many of these groups already.

3. Vape Shops

We absolutely love vape shops. For all the stick that some shops get about being too cocky or abrupt to newcomers, for the most part, that has not been our experience. Vape shops are great for a couple of key reasons.

Firstly, popping into a vape shop is a great way to find out what’s happening in the industry. With what seems to be a never-ending stream of threatened regulatory change, it’s great to be able to pop in and talk to people who have a healthy obsession with vape news and get the bullet point summary.

Secondly, vape shops are a great way of getting a feel for new hardware devices that you are choosing between. Whilst online prices are extremely competitive and YouTube covers in-depth product reviews, there is nothing quite like experiencing how a new device feels in the hand before committing cold hard cash to it. That’s why vape shops will always remain a staple in our arsenal and why it’s a good idea to start building relationships with the people behind the counter.

2. Buy from Verified Manufacturers

If you have already found your favourite brand, it’s likely that all you’ll want from this point is to ensure absolute authenticity, quality and consistency. So, it makes a whole lot of sense to navigate directly to the manufacturer’s website and place your next order. Not only are you directly supporting that vendor, but you are also putting to rest any doubts in your mind as to the source of the e-Liquid.

This of course presumes that you have already found your favourite e-Juice brand.

Another issue you may face by using this method is that interestingly, many larger brands will not accept direct-to-consumer orders unless you are willing to open a registered business wholesale account for bulk orders. This means that you may be limited in your selection of e-Liquids.

1. Buy Vape Juice Online from ‘The Amazon of e-Juice’

With Amazon prohibiting the sale of ejuice, a UK based company has stepped in to fill the gap. Over the past two years, IndeJuice has quickly grown into the UK’s leading e-Juice marketplace. The way it works is simple: manufacturers list their juices for sale on IndeJuice and customers are able to purchase directly from those manufacturers.

Importantly, this also gives you the ability to purchase directly from those manufacturers who would normally only do business in bulk. Furthermore, by being regulated by the FCA, IndeJuice has strict rules about exactly who can sell on the platform so you can always be assured that purchases are made with a reputable seller.

Crucially, IndeJuice is able to save you money by connecting you directly to the manufacturers rather than adding costs by distributing via middlemen. This is illustrated by IndeJuice’s unlimited free one-day delivery service – the first of it’s kind in the UK.

With new and exciting manufacturers constantly signing up to the service, IndeJuice’s selection is constantly expanding beyond the already vast catalogue. This makes it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for from the most premium vape juice brand to the warmest independent sellers rather than spending hours sifting through Facebook groups.

Written by IndeJuice Editorial


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Where To Buy UK
With thousands of e-Juice brands on the market and many more yet to come, it can certainly feel overwhelming when trying to find your perfect fit. But fear not, today we will be reviewing where to buy vape juice in order to ensure value for money, speed and most importantly, safety.
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