How Long Do Vaporesso Coils Last?

Published January 3rd 2021
How Long do Vaporesso Coils Last?

Vape enthusiasts often notice a burnt flavor coming from their vape after using it for a while. Part of the problem is often the vape coil itself, which collects vape juice buildup over time. Vaporesso coils are some of the best on the market, but even these coils do not last forever.

Vaporesso coils last a while compared to other brands, but they can last even longer if cleaned regularly. With meticulous maintenance, vape users can expect their Vaporesso coil to last two weeks or more. Users will also find their pens have better flavor and performance if they are well-maintained.

Keep reading for more information on properly cleaning and maintaining Vaporesso coils and other vape pen components.

When to Clean a Vape Device

Performing simple cleaning procedures after each use is the best way to extend a vape device's lifespan. If there is any hint of a burnt flavor, it is time to clean the pen. It is also important to note the presence of old vape liquid flavors when using a new one, as this is a clear sign that it is time to clean the device.

How to Maintain a Vaporesso Device

Whether users are concerned about ideal flavor or not, regularly cleaning a vape device is essential for optimum performance. A person can use two primary methods to clean their vape device, including a quick water-based cleaning method and a deep cleaning method using flavorless alcohol.

Regardless of brand, vape devices contain essentially the same components. These components include a vape tank, a coil, and a battery. The tank is the part of the device that holds the e-liquid, which is converted to vapor. The coil is the heating element responsible for converting e-liquid to vapor, and the battery is the source of power to the vape unit.

Cleaning the Vape Tank

Cleaning the vape tank is essential for optimum flavor. To clean a vape tank, use the following guideline:

Disassemble the Device

Remove the top and bottom parts of the tank and get rid of any leftover e-juice. Be careful to remember where each part of the device goes. If necessary, take pictures of the cleaning process for reference later.

Rinse with Water

If using the quick-clean method, rinse the tank with warm water. Hold it under a faucet with running water for at least twenty seconds to rinse out any residual vape liquid.

Wipe with Alcohol

If using the deep clean method, wipe the tank with some form of flavorless, high-proof alcohol, such as vodka. The alcohol will break down e-juice residue that is too stubborn to remove using just water. Rinse with warm water once finished with the alcohol.

Use a Paper Towel

After using one of the two cleaning methods above, wipe the inside of the tank with a small paper towel or microfiber cloth. This helps remove any other e-liquid residuals left behind.

Air Dry

Be sure to allow the tank to completely air dry before reassembling the device. Do not use heat or direct sunlight, as this could damage some of the device’s parts.

Extending the Life of the Vape Coil

One of the key methods for extending the lifespan of a vape coil is priming it before its first use. The wicking material inside of a vape coil is dry, even after adding e-liquid to the tank, as it has not had a chance to absorb the liquid yet.

Vaping the dry cotton wick risks burning the atomizer head, which could ruin the coil and require the atomizer head to be replaced.

Instead, vape users should fill the tank with e-liquid and leave it standing upright for an hour or more. Next, inhale the vape pen a few times without turning it on. Doing this allows the liquid to saturate the wick before using the vape device for the first time.

Watch the Power

Another effective method of extending the life of a Vaporesso coil is to use the vape device’s power moderately. Keep the power and frequency of the device as low as possible, which limits the wear and tear put on the Vaporesso coil.

Cleaning the Coil

Some vape coils cannot be cleaned, such as those used in the Pod systems. In these cases, the only way to get a clean coil is to replace it. Replaceable coils that can be cleaned do exist, though it may not produce the best flavor or performance. This is because the absorbent wicks will still carry some of the dirty flavors inside them, regardless of how clean they are.

However, many vape users still prefer to clean their coils rather than replace them frequently. To clean them, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cotton wicks from inside the coils.
  2. Lightly dry burn the coil.
  3. Remove the atomizer and scrub it with a toothbrush while running it under warm water.
  4. Rinse the atomizer again to remove residue.
  5. Dry burn the coil one more time to remove excess water.

How to Clean a Vape Pen

Many vape pens are constructed of several pieces. These can be cleaned using the following steps:

Step One: Disassemble the Pen

Disassemble all of the pen’s components, being mindful of where each piece fits. Empty the leftover residue inside the pen into the trash.

Step Two: Use a Brush

Do not use water on the pen. Instead, use a brush to clean off dirt and residue. This avoids damaging the device’s electrical components with water.

Step Three: Cleaning the Mouthpiece

Many vape devices have mouthpieces that do not detach. For these devices, using a piece of cloth to wipe out the mouthpiece is the best way to get it clean.

Step Four: Reassembly

Once all components of the device are clean and dry, the pen can be reassembled. Refer to any notes or pictures taken during the disassembly process to make sure the device is put back together properly. Be sure to prime the coil before using the vape device.

Final Thoughts

Vape devices can range in quality, but their components are often the same. Using the steps above helps maintain the device and get the most life out of each Vaporesso coil.

Written by Steven


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