Beginner's Guide To Vaping

Published September 26th 2020
Times have changed, and the way people smoke has as well. Today, vaping serves as the modern version of tobacco smoking. Men and women looking to make the move from traditional cigarettes to vaping often wonder how best to go about doing so.

Times have changed, and the way people smoke has as well. Today, vaping serves as the modern version of tobacco smoking. Men and women looking to make the move from traditional cigarettes to vaping often wonder how best to go about doing so.

They have questions about vaping and e-cigarettes, such as how do the e-cigarettes work and what are the components of the device? Those working in the industry want everyone to have the information they need to decide whether vaping is right for them.

A New Idea?

Most people only recently learned about vaping, but this activity has been around for decades. In fact, it was almost 60 years ago that someone first applied for a patent for a non-tobacco, smokeless cigarette. This device looked and felt like a traditional cigarette and was fairly basic. However, they
never commercialised the device before the patent expired.

Fast forward 40 years and consumers witnessed the next attempt to bring electronic cigarettes to the market. A Chinese inventor introduced a small electronic cigarette that made use of ultrasound technology to convert a liquid infused with nicotine into a vapour. The forerunner of today’s electronic cigarettes made use of different technology, but the design’s format and simplicity led others to want to explore alternatives to tobacco cigarettes.

When the first commercial electronic cigarettes hit the market, more people sat up and took notice. Rather than using ultrasound technology, the new devices made use of a small heating element powered by a battery built into the device.

The devices were highly visible and would glow at the ignition end much as traditional cigarettes do. People saw they were easy to use and convenient, and these products quickly achieved success. This led to many companies entering the market with their products.

Nevertheless, these devices lacked the physical sensation smokers had become accustomed to. Vapers began experimenting with creating new vaping devices with more power. Others opted to concoct their e-liquids or purchase from a cottage industry that cropped up overnight offering e-liquids. Many vapers crafted modified devices referred to as mods, and these devices took off with vapers everywhere.

Manufacturers paid attention and began making larger, more powerful devices. In addition, they started selling ready-to-use kits alongside individual components. Today, users find they have morevape kit choices than ever before.

How Do You Vape?

The first question revolves around how a person vapes. E-cigarettes often appear more complex than they are, and people need to realize this. Learn the basics of how these devices work, how to use one, and what users find in these devices with the help of the following information.

The Basics of Vaping

Men and women find they can choose from an e-cigarette starter kit or purchase a vaping device and accessories to begin vaping. These devices come with the same basic parts, although there are different devices for consumers to choose from. However, anyone wishing to vape needs a tank for holding the liquid, a battery, a mouthpiece, and a heating element. They find all in e-cigarettes, vape kits, and vaping mods, so users must choose which type of device they prefer.

When a user activates the vape device and takes a puff, the heating element heats the e-liquid or e-juice until it becomes a vapour. The user then inhales the vapour much as a smoker inhales the smoke from their cigarette. The device converts the liquid into a vapour by sending a current from the battery through a metal coil. This coil serves as the heating element and contains a wicking material. When the owner puts e-liquid into the tank, the wicking material absorbs it. As the coil heats, it causes the e-liquid to evaporate and become a vapour. When the user takes a puff, they inhale this vapour. That’s all there is to vaping.


One thing smokers and former smokers notice when they investigate vaping would be the range of flavours available to them. Individuals new to vaping wish to know what comes in the e-cigarettes, and the flavour is one of several ingredients.

Vape e-liquids make use of vegetable glycerine. food industry uses Vegetable Glycerin (VG) to sweeten foods, preserve them, or as a thickening agent, while the cosmetics industry uses this ingredient in moisturisers. The United Kingdom allows for its inclusion in e-liquids because it is non toxic and provides the large plume of smoke cloud chasers desire.

However, because of the thickness of this substance, vapers find they need more power to produce the vapour and provide the gigantic cloud.

Men and women who prefer to vape discreetly, however, prefer e-liquids with a higher concentration of propylene glycol (PG). This substance comes in inhalers and provides vapers with the throat hit they have become accustomed to because of their smoking habit. Researchers have found no evidence that this substance is toxic or carcinogenic, so people feel comfortable purchasing these e-liquids. As propylene glycol is thinner than vegetable glycerine, the device uses less power to produce the vapour.

Nicotine serves as the final flavour in e-liquids. However, not all juices come with nicotine. Users retain the option of choosing a flavoured e-liquid without nicotine. Others opt to get a concentrated nicotine shot and blend their juice.

The Vaping Device

Besides an e-liquid, individuals must choose a vape device, and they have several options here. However, all devices have certain features in common. All come with a drip tank or mouthpiece from which the person inhales. The tank holds the e-liquid, and the metal coil contains the wicking that absorbs the juice. Users must change this coil regularly to avoid a burnt taste, and the frequency at which they must change it depends on the usage and other factors.

Every device needs a battery or regulated mod that holds the components required to heat the coil. When comparing devices, look at the milliampere-hour (mAh). This provides information about the battery capacity. The device packaging shows a mod’s power output as either volts (V) or watts (W).

Vaping Equipment Options

The CE4 kit remains the best option for many beginner vapers, as it is basic, inexpensive, and compact. Vapers choosing this device find it works best with 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids, as they produce less vapour. However, manufacturers offer fewer of these devices today, as the price of vape pens has decreased.

Vape pens share many similarities with CE4 kits but are bigger. They remain affordable and include lower ohm coils that are bigger and better. As a result, they provide more flavour and a stronger hit. With these devices, vapers find they can select an e-liquid with more VG than PG.

Vapers who want more power and longer battery life need to look to mods and tanks. Many designs exist today, allowing users to find one that meets their specific needs. These devices work with high and low VG e-liquids.

Users find they have another option. Disposables allow individuals to try vaping without committing to a device, as they are cheap, accessible, and effortless to use. Several companies offer all-in-one units that the user throws away when the battery dies. Other manufacturers make units that allow the user to recharge the battery and change the cartridge when they consume all of the e-liquid. Each cartridge contains a heating element, wick, and e-liquid.

These devices come with built-in temperature controls which regulate the power and vapour production. However, batteries on these devices die quickly and the vaping experience tends to be weak. For this reason, people often try disposables and move to a more advanced device if they enjoy the experience.

Advanced Options

Individuals who have been vaping for some time find they want a more advanced device. Options include rebuildable dripping atomisers or RDAs, rebuildable dripping tank atomisers or RDTAs, and mechanical mods.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers

Rebuildable dripping atomisers differ from other vape devicesin that they don’t have tanks or hold e-liquid. The only liquid in this device is what the unit holds in the cotton and the little well found at the bottom of the unit. Vapers drip the e-liquid into the coil before firing the device which led to vapers referring to these devices as drippers.

Rebuildable dripping tank atomisers share many characteristics with rebuildable dripping atomisers but feature a tank for e-liquid. With these units, the user builds a coil to meet their specific needs in terms of resistance and preference. They then add the wick with cotton.
Mechanical mods need no circuitry. They include a firing pin which delivers the current from the battery to the attached atomiser.

Inhalation Options

The mouth-to-lung or MTL inhalation option allows users to place less airflow on the atomiser while bringing vapour into the mouth. The user draws this vapour in with the cheeks and then inhales it into the lungs. Vapers say this method replicates the traditional smoking experience.
With the lung inhale or direct-to-lung method, a person uses more airflow and the lungs to draw the vapour in. They inhale it straight into the lungs with the help of a larger atomiser and wider drip tip.


Certain vapers now prefer sub-ohming. This process includes the use of a device with an atomiser coil that offers less than 1.0-ohm resistance. This option allows the vaper to boost their device’s output power and increase the flavour and vapour provided by the e-juice.

A device using a sub-ohm coil produces more vapour than devices making use of coils above 1.0 ohm. These vapers take lung hits, so they get more vapour each time they take a puff. In most cases, they use an e-liquid with a high VG concentration to get a larger cloud and denser vapour.

However, they use lower strength nicotine, those 6mg/ml and under, thanks to the increased output, vapour production, and inhalation.

Making the Move from Smoking to Vaping

Countless individuals make the move from conventional smoking to vaping, while others benefit from a mix of the two activities. Electronic cigarettes offer the benefits of smoking without many of the drawbacks. What benefits might one expect to see when they make this switch?

Vaping allows for more flavour. First, chemicals present in tobacco products interfere with a person’s sense of taste. When someone switches to vaping, this chemical buildup goes away, and the palate becomes cleaner. This makes it easier to taste the various flavours available in e-liquids. Furthermore, all food and drink the individual consumes tastes better, as there are no chemicals present on the tongue to interfere with these flavours.

People who switch from conventional cigarettes to vape products state they breathe easier. Oxygen present in the bloodstream increases, as tobacco smoking adds carbon monoxide to the bloodstream. This doesn’t occur when a person vapes. The lungs clean out the mucus and other pollutants that have built up, and this allows for better breathing. Furthermore, people who make the switch say they cough and wheeze less.

Men and women who use vape devices rather than disposable products save money by kicking their tobacco habit and moving to vape. E-liquids remain affordable, and a person saves money on vape devices if they follow a regular maintenance schedule.


Maintenance remains the key to an enjoyable vaping experience. Clean the tank and coil regularly to ensure the device delivers desired flavour. This becomes even more important when a person makes use of multiple flavours as opposed to sticking to one. Dry the components with a fan or hairdryer to prevent staining.

Every time a user installs a new coil, the coil needs priming. The priming process involves putting e-liquid into the tank and allowing it to sit so the wick can absorb the liquid. This ensures they don’t burn the cotton and ruin the coil.

Try new flavours. Now is the time to experiment, as users have countless options available. Try different devices, flavours, ratios, and more. Vaping should be an enjoyable experience. If it isn’t, try something new. It may surprise you to learn what you like with this activity.

Now you have the information you need to try your hand at vaping. If you still have questions, ask a vape retailer or friends and family who engage in this activity. People who vape love to share what they have learned, so asking will provide you with a wealth of information in very little time.

Written by Steven


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Beginner's Guide To Vaping
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