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Ballistic Badger has been created by Vapers for Vapers, bro’s with killer beards, hats and tatts. As ex-smokers we know that vaping is about saving, both lives and money…and that’s one of our Mantras, vaping saves.

We set up Ballistic Badger originally to fuel our taste for juice as nothing on the market cut it for us, either for taste, or price…word got out that we could make juice…and the rest, as they say is history. We supply our individual brand of juice to customers all over the globe, and if you haven’t had Ballistic Badger juice in your tank or your RDA…you are missing out…trust us…it’s the truth!

Now, 2 years on we have gone from strength to strength. Our juice game is still top notch, one of the best in the business, with new stuff in development all the time. We are now your new go to site for juice…and that’s how it’s going to stay!

Join Us…

We Vape Hard, We Play Hard, We are Ballistic Badger Vape Co.


As one of our IndeJuice Prime Partners, all Ballistic Badger eJuices you purchase from this website are straight out of Ballistic Badger's factory with no additional wholesalers or other distribution hands touching them until they hit your doorstep.

Unlike any other website, this allows us to certify the authenticity of the Ballistic Badger eJuices you purchase and ensures you are never left in any doubt.

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